Rso syrup

Hi guys using rso to Medicate currently as have been recently attacked an had several operations on my leg muscles removed etc due to being stabbed with machetes, I stopped smoking as was hospitalised for so long after 3 months and 7 operations plastic surgery etc, I’m looking for a way to infuse rso into a flavoured syrup or argave syrup , I tried to heat the syrup an mix in the rso which looked fine until I put into a few 100ml glass bottles and most of it just separated from the syrup and stuck to the bottle or floated to the top , I’m very novice but would appreciate any advice as you guys on here seem to no what your talking about but I do apologise if my replies come across dumb I’m very amateur to infusing oils etc !!! Much love in advance

Use more ethanol ?
I mean, use grain alcohol to extract but dont evap all of it.

I haven’t tried using ethanol at all as I say I’m very novice to all this so how would I use ethanol to do this?

Ethanol as in liquer store high proof alcohol. Because it is safe to drink.

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Ok but how do I use it in this process ? How would I infuse say syrup with rso using alcohol? I really need the process broken down step by step lol

How do you make your “RSO” currently?

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I buy it from a lady that makes edibles with it

It comes in a syringe

You could try to mix it with grain alcohol and the sweetener. it would be more like a tincture but you have to play around with proportions.

Ok , say if I was to heat the rso oil in a Mason jar in a slow cooker with water in it until rso is liquified then add how much alcohol in proportion to the rso oil would I need say If was to use 2ml rso how much alcohol would I need to add to it and would u recommend adding it with the syrup or to the rso before the syrup ?

youre going to need a 1500$ homoginizer in order to accomplish anything reliable @CATScientific

use something with butter in it like a cookie etc save yourself the headache


Sorry bro I’m from uk , what is this device then ?

And could I use mct oil to infuse the rso into ?

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Have you made a thc syrup using that?
Ive been looking for a solid recipe for a minute.

Like @anon56994712 said. Google homogenizer. Thats the only successful way I’ve seen people get their syrup not to separate. I’m guessing you’re not trying to spend over a g on something to mix this so my best advice would be to only mix as much as you’ll consume within the day or a few hours.

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Yes. Given how much more difficult other things are going to be for you to learn, without question just use MCT. MCT is inexpensive, is said to have improved absorption rates, and will be the easiest way to do what you’re looking to do. Fill a shot glass or small dish with MCT oil, add your RSO, put them in the oven at about 200F for about 20 minutes and that’s it. Let it cool off and transfer it to a glass dropper bottle. You may need to toy around with your dose at first but it’ll be easy once you know the amount you need to take using a dropper to measure.

It won’t taste very good so be prepared to chase it with a drink.

:spoon: :syringe: :fire:

Take the syringe, put a single dose of RSO in a teaspoon. Fill the teaspoon with MCT. Use a bic lighter to warm the spoon until you can dissolve the Rso in the MCT. Swallow it.


Yeah ima try heat it in a shot glass with mct then add it into a syrup an mix , my plan is to use the syrup to put about 20ml/30ml into a pint of Sprite an drink it like a lean syrup

not going to have success with mct and sprite because oil and water do not mix

you can homogenize the rso into agave and it will actually mix with your sprite but like I said you need that tool


Why do you need syrup specifically? Why not tincture or butter or just squeezing a healthy bit of rso into a gob of peanut butter? There are a million simple options here. Why focus on just this one?

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