Open blast CO2

Yes I am aware.
I was thinking this guy might be the right person!

You’ll need a jacketed chamber to keep it from turning into dry ice. It’ll work though.

That’s how I started.

It definitely works… But you’re not gonna get more $$ in weed oil than $$ spent on solvent IMO at today’s prices.

Fine for research purposes though.


i’m currently using one of these open blast co2 devices for terpene extraction and personal research but have yet to attempt direct extraction of thca crystals.

I usually end up extracting wax and lipids when going for cannabinoids so the machine is mostly relegated to personal use terpene extraction and tbh its not really built for it either. I have been able to get my runs controlled enough (by pre-freezing the blast tube) that I am seeing these results straight out of extraction with no post processing:

The above was run around 4-6C and ~1200psi according to the gauges on the device. I’m going to start another thread about modifications but I do have problems with collection temp control and fine level flow control. But I completely agree with @tweedledew, “fine for research purposes” or personal use.


what does one of those run? nice toy

ETA: they run about $4k


I’ve seen people use those to audit biomass for pesticides quickly. Works great for that!


If you keep your eye on ebay you can get good condition under 2.5k. I got mine with extra parts for 2400 on ebay. Make sure to give it a good look over and replace all the seals. Replacement parts were available when I emailed them about 6-8 months ago. Let me know if you pick one up, I have a custom built controller that gives much better fine tuning of parameters, adds automation, and ties into grafana of course :wink:


I’d want one to tinker with. I’m very interested in their expansion system, but of course I’d want one jacketed and heater/chiller for temps.

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I’m trying to design a chiller to work for this currently. It has a heat rod to heat the tube from underneath but it’s not well designed imo. I was trying to find a liquid jacket that could wrap the tube and connect to a recirculating heater/chiller but haven’t found one yet. Anyone know of someone can do a custom jacket?

You’re going to have to find a decent metal shop to be able to handle the pressure. Typically you safety test to 2-3x operational pressures.


You could probably just do a bag draped over it with a coolant stream passing in one side and out the other

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Ah got it. What about a wrap around blanket type like is seen on some reactors?

Edit: yeah ok, I’ll try to find something like this

Also, a flow meter would be a great addition if I can find one



@Bharris had them in many sizes and rated for cold shit and warm shit I believe


Literally the first time I heard grafana in cannabis. Fuck, what DB solution you using for that? Graphite? I could do this a day…

@moveweight we should connect at some point and talk shop. Cannabis and Software…not many of us out there but I love calling Cultivera and telling them they suck at coding and building software…people get surprised when I understand how their software is built better than the customer service employees they give me to deal with…

$500/m for that POS

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For this, I’ve been trying out influxdb and liking it a lot. Here’s the basic stack I’ve been using if you want to build from it: