.Onion Relay

I probably should have sent a message before I went and spent a few hours spinning it up. So hopefully asking forgiveness is easier than permission.

If you look at the following link: You think there is feds on here? you will see I spun up a .Onion server that relays to F4200. Because of the way .Onion services work, you will probably start to see more traffic for other accounts coming from my servers public IP address, which is :

I made a big disclaimer in the post that nobody should really use it. It is slow, cumbersome, and to be honest relies on me (a stranger) to not sniff out usernames and passwords. All communications with the F4200 servers is still encrypted, but due to the way that a .Onion reverse proxy works the data is un-encrypted while the server translates from the .Onion encryption to good ol SSL.

I do not keep logs, I do not sniff, honestly I don’t care enough :wink: It was a request from a forum member and I don’t get the chance to flex that skillset often these days, so I jumped on it!

Let me know if you want it taken down and I will remove it ASAP. Also if you start to see abuse coming from - please don’t ban me! I will take down the relay.

FYI this does not affect the site at all, what is does is translates between your public server and the Tor network, so that people concerned with IP tracing can break that link while accessing the site. If you accessed future4200.com directly from within the TOR network, that request would route to a ‘public’ exit node. Those public exit nodes are notorious for sniffing, MITMing, and generalized fuckery, and in all probability mostly belong to 5-eyes.


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The URL has changed to the much more friendly: http://future42OO3zakvo.onion/

Best one I have mined so far… Would love to catch one without the digit after the 2nd “O”.