One-Time Run Fulvic Acid Powder For Sale

Item Model/Manufacturer: AgTonik/Mineral Logic
Description: 254 kg 85% estimated V&B (old and outdated testing on most fertilizer labels), 25% LAMAR (modern and more accurate fulvic acid testing used by IHSS) 100% soluble powder
Price/MSRP: Asking $80/kg
Current location of item: SW Michigan
Estimated lead time: 14 Days by freight (4 mini barrels on one pallet)
Fulfillment: Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One-time production run with a different mineral source. No returns.

We were developing a 100% soluble fulvic acid powder for Agriculture and made one R&D run of 254 kg fulvic powder. It is estimated 85% V&B (outdated testing method on most fertilizer labels) and 25% fulvic acid LAMAR (modern and more accurate). By comparison, Raw Full powder is only 10% V&B. Estimated dosage is 0.5-1 gram per gallon drench and foliar.

We are only selling it as a lot because our current human health grade powder fulvic content comes out higher. We will invoice you for payment and will ship freight, which buyer is responsible for cost. DM me for the COA, micros, microbials, and we will entertain any offers.


Thanks for your DMs! Just let me know and I will send you the COA, testing and entertain any offers.

We are willing to split up that 254 kg of some of the best Ag fulvic powder on the market, but would like to keep it in as large portions as possible.

Thanks. -AgTonik