Official Discord

Howdy everyone,

Linked above is the official Discord. There are a few rooms on the server for specific chat categories. There is a GoodLifeGang room so if you are a member let myself or @cxojinu know by sending them a PM on the Discord server.

This community has been awesome with very little issues. I don’t expect to be moderating the chat much. For now it is the wild west, anything goes. If you get your feelings hurt I will not help you. On the flip side, if you are being spammy / intentionally vulgar and harassing members you’ll be nixed.

You stay classy!


No hurt feelings help???

What about being rubbed the wrong way? That can be devastating… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’d be nice to see more activity here. How about a year old bump. :slight_smile:

Also: is the Discord Plugin installed with the Forum @sidco?

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Nope, afaik they only have a Discord OAuth Login Plugin.
@cxojinu frequents discord and is the boss of that realm. As of now I refuse to use their service and prefer to stick to open source communication platforms, but it’s there if others want to use it.

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I’d be down for an IRC solution / custom chat embed

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Though no-one has used it, I did at one point recommend using #future4200 on rizon.
discourse does have chat providers plugin that will notify a service of new posts, might help keep users around. (this must have been what you meant about discord integration)
I haven’t found a reasonable facebook style chat system that I would be comfortable using. Open to suggestions.


I’m supportive of Slack/Discord (after just familiarizing myself)/IRC. There’s a ton of third party IRC apps with nice skins/themes and it’s definitely the oldschool answer.

Slack has the most integrations with this Chat Plugin (Yes that’s what I meant by integration)

But even notifications in Discord or basic stuff that syncs - (Google / Fb / Instagram Login) - could prove useful.

I’m more focused on the idea of seeing a chat grow along with the forums.
If there was a way to make private messaging sync with forums that’d be gold.