New to CRC looking for valuable info!

Please be kind I’m fairly new to the high end extractions, looking for advise on crc media’s and ratios of media per lb of biomass, if anyone would like to chime in and post little things that they know would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks everyone stay smoking!!!


We understand.


Definitely didn’t write that buddy I can see I’m gonna get lots of help here. I have been reading for days and days bud just was looking for little pointers but guess your not the guy

Well if it helps gain an understanding I’m looking for something similar to this

Recently I’ve noticed the better the media is packed the stronger the bleaching effect. The looser it is the more color comes thru


You’re welcome :wink:


I find the people here to be seriously helpful. Your new profile says that you haven’t really been reading for days and days, so spend a bit more time and look a little further.


There’s a lot of conversation about CRC on this forum. A lot of real experience, experts in specific products, experts in research and development. Sometimes using the search feature (really its kind of awesome…) can be complicated for newbros

There are posts on SOPs for specific types of media, here is an example. There’s an entire post on the best kind of media out there (which I find to be really enlightening, just to see the experts fighting…) There’s small scale and large scale posts.

So take a breath - the community can be unfriendly to folks who are new that don’t seem to be putting in the time to look at what the community has already shared.

If you want the answer right now - without reading for actual days of time. Instead ask for a consultant and hope that you get one of the professionals on here to drop you a line and get you going the right direction.

Good luck with your quest and welcome to F4200.




Do people seriously layer and pack their media? You guys don’t have a seperate column? B80+silica mix will remediate anything. 1um sintered with a paper filter. Lol layer and packing. Who has time for that shit.


I like the activated medias for faster crystallization.

W1 all day personally.

There’s a spoon @SavageStoner. Just use w1 and call it a day.


I built a spoon feeder


Yo anything I try don’t work @Waxplug1 it all restarts.


The only one I have finished so far was shatter/ soft/ yes on crc for an example. gimme a few mins I’ll upload the rest and few pics to help visualize what I’m talking about


I just made an account last night been reading on here for some time now not just a few hrs

Thank you very much for the info you provided, much appreciated

Yea I knew everyone was gonna roast me but fuck it I’m tryin to obtain every bit of info I can from anyone willing to tell!

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Thank you!!!

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if you’re not after the “buy a clue” option, and have done at least some of your homework (reading), you could speed things up by telling us what you think you know…

asking for clarification or confirmation on specifics is going to get you further faster than “can I haz all the tips?”.

ya take a tube, you put some c.r.a.p (color remediation absorbent powder) in it, you run your hash through it.

how much crap? depends on which crap, and on your input material…

whatever you do, don’t get crap in your hash…

but I do have one solid tip. the signal to noise ratio used to be much better here. So use the advanced search feature, and ask for the earliest post or thread. in the case of CRC you’ve already been pointed in the correct direction…


Give this guy a break, he is savage…


If you need a crc I got about 5 used ones I plan on selling cheap to help the newcomers in case youre in need of one


Your ratio will depend on what powders you use