New product ideas


I use a galaxy enail, works great!!! Run it between 710 and 800, i dont taste any flavor loss when running it at 800, when i try 699 and below i get alot of wasted oil at the bottom.


They have those in the future hahaha


Add a USB port to charge your phone


Make the base a portable power bank


One thing I actually am going to include is not only an auto shutoff but a hard shut off too just in case it doesn’t shut off or needs a manual over ride. Also just because I believe in traditional technology I will make one of the models have a plug spot for a removable wall cable to make it a regular e-nail for the days “I wish I could just use a regular e-nail”. And the plug in option would just be a plain ol’ e-nail but of course with an auto shut off still.


Fuck puffco those are just an oversized wax globe


Was already thinking that. I was also thinking because mine would have Bluetooth and WI-FI mine would be able to be controlled all around a house or building with WI-FI and with Bluetooth it would be good for sessions that would be more personal or in a place that doesn’t have (accessible) WI-FI.


cant we just have something that smokes our oil good…you all are funny. I am on the alexa powered enail though.


I would also never limit heat to connectivity. Basically I would never make it so if you have a poor connection the nail isn’t going to get a good amount of heat. But again I would make it so if there’s no detection of the smartphone or device controlling the e-nail it will shut off.


Yeah but unnecessary features and aesthetics is what sells!!!


Alexa with enail doesnt seem to work. I have to hold my power button for 5 seconds for it to turn on, alexas not smart enough, it clicks like its trying tho and can turn it off


How bout an enail but instead of using a hot nail to evaporate the extract it uses heated air and fits over existing nails like a carb cap.


I think mine with work with a basic on/off switch as I tested the theory first. This is my email powered on. Then I turn off the surge protector and turn it back on


Yeah looks like your will work no problem, galaxy has a safety setup so ya dont bump the on button on accident


Or something like this that uses a heated glass rod that does not touch the oil. I use this for flower cus I do not like titanium setups.


Whats in there a heating element ?


Yes it plugs into my enail. It is called the Glass Symphony XLR. I paid $180 for it and he had the glass bowls on sale for 1/2 price from the price listed here. I am sure you could make your own but to me it was worth what I paid for the convenience ->


Well i think iT can be used in glasswear of SPD to create Some neat vapor Tricks
That is If a hard vac can be pulled and held with iT inline :grinning:


I’ll take one as well. As long as it actually works, unlike my previous e-nail purchase that barely got hot enough to dab


I suggest you look at the link I posted. The thing is the bomb. I don’t make anything by endorsing that company other than looking out for a homie which could use an enail