New product ideas


I would set it to that number but it just seems like I’m poking the bear. Yeah they get turned off when I move from the living room to the office and then to the bedroom. The lab has the last one.

But i get you. It’s a real time saver


Would someone be able to fine tune an induction coil to heat up the titanium piece to a specific temp? Ya wouldn’t have to leave it on and only take a second or 2 to heat up.


Don’t people do that with those hot ceramic element tip thingies


Add a built in bluetooth speaker to bump music while u dab @PotHeadInASpaceSuit


Shit make it smart so u can voice command it to turn on and heat up


Imagine the day you can talk to your rig…“siri heat up to 350 degrees”


What would be better, if you have it recognize when you are close and turn on. And if you get far enough away it will turn off. Then if you stay in the same spot for a while, it’ll turn off, too. And turn on if you walk towards it.

Just macros… If/when and then


Alright. I’m gonna buy a amazon power plug and have an voice activated enail. You all convinced me it’s worth it to say Alexa turn on my nail on the way to the coffee pot.

Get me something like this and have them named dab rig 1-4.


I use spruce wood handle cotton tip applicators. Just so I don’t gotta worry if the plastic hits my nail. I heard of something called unicorn horns or something like that. They’re supposedly q-tips with a specific micron grittiness to them and meant for wiping nails.


im good bro…I buy them in 3x packs at costco for pennies. I go threw a shit ton a day. This has worked wonderful for the last 2 years.

and the Qtip brand has no plastic so you dont have to worry about all that spruce wood.

Im not for supporting companies that charge 5x for some cannabis specific anything. If your a company and marketing cannabis qtips probably for 5x the price of a normal qtip. I cant support that company. They are not in this for the compassion aspect. They are in it for the money…That goes for all the cannabis related companies doing this. 500% margins dont exist in other industries. Some of these companies make me sick.

This model only last sooo long. Eventually the well dries up; by that time its too late.


I have these and Alexa!!!

U mean I can hook my enail up!

Alexa get busy!


That’s what I use.


i get like 2000 at costco for $7. I would eat threw that 500 every 7 days.


I think development is gonna be tuff. But I’m determined to make the product. I’m planning on copyrighting the idea as well as trying to get a patent. I think that if anything honestly making the device is gonna be tufff specifically I’m gonna probably need help.and I don’t wanna make this open source at all because I’m a poor mother fucker and I plan on banking off this.


You dab a lot more than I do than.


A quick Google search and something like this already exists->


Fucking seriously!!!.. Fuck that thing​:joy::sweat_smile::joy:… I’ll just make mine cheaper and more appealing to the dabbing sector and millenials.

Cause that thing looks like a boring piece of shit. Mine would also come the nail @ that cost. I thought it was gonna be this cool looking fancy ass thing before I clicked it, that looks like a pager from the late 80’s early 90’s.

Mine would be 180$ flat. IF I were to charge that much I would have an advanced version with a speaker and one without a speaker … Minor aesthetic features and design differentials.


Id buy one…no two!


Fuck yeah do it. I would also buy one. My nail runs about 10-12 hours a day. I only use quartz too. I buy cheap quartz buckets and replace every 2 weeks. Way better than Titanium.
Nothing better than terp diamond sauce through all quartz glass and a double recycler water pipe at low temps. You have to waste it to taste it.


You can add a wireless feature like how they charge phones wirelessly meaning make a pad section and wrap the enail around your rig so when it sits on the pad it heats up and you can grab it and go whenever