New product ideas


I wanna encourage the community to come up with new applications …here’s one that I came up with…its a simple lip gloss applicator…u twist the bottom and it pushes oil out of the brush top. I put distillate and bho mixed with some terpenes…also could use htfse…i found them on dhgate for .80 a piece


They hold 2ml


Glas or plastic ?


Thats what I was thinking and if plastic. What kind and does it play well with solvents??


Yea maybe someone can help manufacture some glass ones


They look pretty to infuse your hot choco


I’m wondering the need for a brush? This must be to paint thc/terps on joints or food?

@Waxplug1 always on the future stuff!


I paint the inside of my blunts before I add flower and roll em…or for the backwoods smokers


Now there You have a great product for europe
In europe few people own dab rigs they love to roll but this is a Nice touch


Wheres the fake Chinese packaging lady at when u need her…tell her we need glass ones


I know…this Chinese New Years stuff needs to end. Where else in the world does a super power take a month off. :man_facepalming:t3:

I can tell you the factory I work with are running a skeleton crew of 2 during the holidays knocking out parts.


I have a product idea I want to patent right away. I haven’t learned android coding yet or any coding yet but I see that it’s easy enough to learn android, java and C++ . So once I teach myself coding I plan on making an E-Nail Box that is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. It would connect to any device that has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and I already have a name too. I call it the LazE-Nail. And the point behind smartphone connectivity is so if you leave your E-Nail On and you’re three rooms away you could turn it Off OR you could turn it on from three rooms away, that way if you want to turn On the E-Nail let’s say right after you’re done taking a shit and a shave it’ll be nice and ready for when you come in the room.

You could set timers for when you want it to turn On and Off. REGUAEDLESS It would turn Off after 30 mins of being On OR if devices connectivity is no longer detected.


This would be great as I’m one of those people that leave their nail on over night by accident at least once a month.

Maybe it’s the fact that my rigs pretty much stay on from the second I wake up till I go to sleep.

Certainly stay on more than off! :rofl:

I will say I have 4x enails. All the same brand cause they have all worked flawless for over a year. I usually have one within a few feet of me in all my rooms.

I was realizing taking low temp dabs was costing me 1:30-2:00 mins per hit. X 50+ hits per day was killing my productivity. :joy::joy::rofl:

Owning enails make me money. That’s how i look at it.


What’s the name that enail I’m in the market for one … As the 1:30-2 min is driving me insane…

Btw is there any enail that actually do good w quartz, I use low heat too as I can’t stand for it to taste like lighter fluid


All my nails are quartz and they work great. I’ve bought the brand fancier nail from eBay. They have a store on eBay and I grabbed them direct.

There are a lot of knockoff ones on DHgate and stuff but it was like $100 for everything shipped. Which has been a steal so far. Greatest dabbing investment so far.

Here is what I got. Right there is $90 best offer. I’d offer $85.


Ok I just bought it!

…when u hit it…do u remove the heating coil or no?

Any suggestions , temp, use cap, don’t , leave coil on, don’t

I’m all about tasting my stuff…i went through to much work for it to taste awful…


No. You just leave it. I run mine at 670 but that’s hot by most people standards.

I qtip after every hit.


Just plain qtip? No alcohol or anything, stuff don’t stick?


Plain qtips. The real brand. Them Walmart ones suck. No alcohol. Nothing. It’s low enough to stay a liquid. Just wipe out and repeat!


You turn yours off? Mine gets turned off when I transport it, that’s bout it. And my roommate turns it off because it’s set to 666