New product ideas


I didn’t have a quartz e-nail at the time but the best dab hits I ever took were from a condenser.


i ended up getting that one , very excited.


I tried glass syrings for holding the distillate. I found them to be too fragile and could lock up too easy for me. The plastic ones I tried do not break and can stand the heat from a Bic easy enough to get it running. For some reason the all glass syringes just could not push hard enough with undiluted distillate without me breaking the push rod.


I’m going to get a second one. I need it bad. It’s such a pain traveling mine all over the state


When you find the need to own 4 like me…Let me know! You know how im always saying im lazy…Well here is a perfect example. My Office and Living Room are literally 30 some feet apart. I didnt like transferring from the office to the living room every night so i bought 2. Then i didnt like bringing it upstairs…Now i own 3x. My homie stopped dabbing and was having money issues so i bought his too.

I do have a plan though and it wasnt just to own 4x identical dab rigs…yes all the glass rigs are the same too cause i like these $30 chinese rigs soo much.

The reason i had really no care of owning all these is, Me and My wife are getting ceremonial married later this year with some big fancy wedding her mom is paying for…I dont want it…My wife could careless, but her mom wants the show for her family. While i dont want nothing to do with the wedding other than showing up because we are legally married already. I refuse to have this ceremony without a “Dab Bar”. Yes i will have 4 enails set up at my wedding for all my homies to get lit with a few zips of diamonds. NONE of HER family smokes including her…EVERY SINGLE person in my family blazes…This should be a fun night huh?


Congrats! roast it up!:call_me_hand: :clinking_glasses:


Im suprised the Patron hasnt been brought up yet, its a little stainless steel dosing syringe that doses equal amounts with every turn of the plunger.

I remember there was some issues with it, but I cant remember what


coming from a developer, to write a successful app takes a good bit of time, practice, and failures. Your idea is awesome, however if you want to develop it yourself it will be a rather large undertaking just to write the code for it. Also, if you want to run it natively on apple and android, you’ll be writing the app twice as the languages are very different. If you want to chat about taking this idea to the next level, hit me up, I’m always looking for new cutting edge things to write code for.


I did some coding and im pretty good with the Adobe master collection…what if u just install the android OS and develop an app to work for it?


Depending on the macros needed to write automation for this, it’d be pretty easy.

I was an automation programmer by trade before I made a career change


If you guys are serious about designing one I highly suggest checking out the details on the current model. Has a website dashboard and features I didn’t know it had. He has been working on this for 2 years and the current version is V2. Lots of info here:

Setup vid and info here:

Build Vid:


The next big thing for enails to improve is the delivery process itself. Not everyone wants to fiddle with tools and that is why pens got so big.

Luer tip syringes are great improvement to dabbing, at least in my opinion. I think a mini syringe pump held over a warmed ceramic coil that would squeeze out a dab and automatically cap itself would allow for true single handed dabbing. All you would have to do is draw.

Other ways to improve dabbing would be making rigs modular. Cleaning most dabbing instruments is a pain in the ass. Why are these components that regularly have resins condensing on their surfaces have such hard surfaces to access? I think there should be disposable components integrated for lazy dabbers.

Instead of focusing on features that make your product flashy, you should be focusing on features that make it practical. Who cares if i can fire up my rig from the next room or listen to jams on it if i am constantly dropping sauce off my spoon or having to spend hours cleaning it.

Also, the more electronics in your piece, the more prone it will be to failure.


I can mk some glass ones