New plug new bud crystals are growing finally

So I’ve been experimenting with growing diamonds had a few failed attempts because of quality of bud being used. So today I was checking on my jar went to go burp it and I see it sparkling like glitter. I keep track of my processes and what I do differently each extraction. I got this growth with out going over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmest the jar has been is 65-70. It’s been below freezing for five days then popped it of the freezer two days ago and only have burped it 4 times. I can go into more detail if anyone is curious. Stay tuned in the near future for a closed loop system that I have a company manufacturing for me. In theory my system I have designed should increase the efficiency of dewaxing and complete the process in a shorter amount of time

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So do u mind explaining and enlighten some of us on the theory to dewax quicker? If u already shared w someone to build your chance of having ownership may be over for Mass production…
I really don’t see why skinny and tall wouldn’t be faster, but would have to be mounted on rack…but I just realized why don’t work, more surface area to filter out wax…tall skinny equals clogged! :zipper_mouth_face:
So no need to hide the secrets,bc I don’t think anyone else here hides anything!!!.. Please help!!!



Skinny and tall isn’t in my design plans for this cls. It’ll be normal dimensions and the dewaxing chamber itself will be the same shape and size of the collection vessel

My theory is to allow more surface for wax and lipids to stick to and at the time allow for faster cooling the idea is to have surface area in the vessel that doesn’t hinder the mobility of solvent flowing through the vessel but at the same time that particular surface area will also have contact for what ever I decide to use to cool the vessel down(most likely dry ice acetone/iso). Also this particular dewaxing chamber will just be the solvent and the solutes so once you run the solvent through the materials column it’s going to go into this separate dewaxing chamber so it can do it’s work. In theory once it dewaxed to your preference you can open the valve and have it collect into your collection vessel and you can go ahead pressurize the vessel once you boiled off your preference of solvent for growing your crystals. The few people I’ve talked to said it should be possible to get a patent. They just told me not to waste my time getting it before just in case my idea doesn’t work. Those people recommended getting the system designed and made test it out and see what happens. They also said if it works they will help me through the process of getting it patented and manufactured. The manufacturer isn’t American based so I don’t see them “stealing” my idea.

Unless u have some special design, your design already exist!29669!US!-1

That’s 2 different ones… They go after material column,…use n2 vapor assist

BTW I hope you do bc 2hrs takes a while! Bunch dry ice!
Been eyeballing that 2nd one for while😋


Haven’t seen this design in any system yet the idea came to me when researching crystallization in general. that particular device you provided a link too is what made me want a separate chamber to dewax in rather than just having sleeve around the materials column the design is somewhat close but still very different

No sir, that’s not material column… That’s inline separate column… You don’t let any material get in this! You keep material in first column, then send to either the ones I posted, they are then filtered through the bottom, notice the welded filter plate in 2nd one noticable

It’s your idea bro I’m sorry dude , it’s bad ass idea! Means your smart thinker! Great minds think alike

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I know that what I was sayIng was the first dewax vessel link you provided is what sparked my idea. I was pointing out before seeing that picture I didn’t realize there were separate dewaxing chambers that will just have your solvent and solute and none of the plant material. Long story short about 4 weeks ago when I browsing the web looking for a cls system that’ll fit my needs I stumbled upon an in-line dewaxing chamber and thought how brilliant this device is and how efficient it can be for hcfse/htfse. At this point I now know I want an in-line dewaxing chamber, but in my eyes they design is only half complete for both of those particular vessels. It’s effective and works but it could be better. At least I think it can be more effective one thing I’ve read about dewaxing is having more surface allows for more area the wax can settle and stick too and not clog the filter


Yes sir ! Get hemispherical lids ! Filter plate in bottom… Maybe even another after that… N2 vapor assist helps the slow ass filter through fast or slow paper

Here someones rig like that


Use material dewax to…helps about clogging. Bc material dewax isn’t true

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I plan on using a dewaxing material column and an in-line dewaxing chamber. The link you provided is pretty much exactly how I want my vessel to look. Yes I made sure to stress the hemispherical lids so that way I can see what is happening and get average times for my vessel to dewax the solvent. Realistically I won’t have start getting data until 1.5 to 2 months. Since it will have to go through customs and I can’t place the order until once I settle in on the west coast. Fortunately I have the funds saved up my system even though the design is for smaller scale. Pretty much it’s going to be my prototype and if it does what I predict I’ll then move onto getting one produced for large scale, talk to my benefactors about getting a patent and selling the system. I don’t want to get to ahead of myself and I don’t want to keep teasing and talking “big game” with out back up but i can promise once it’s made and in my procession I’ll take some photos of how my in-line dewaxing chamber is different so people can see why I believe the design is only “half complete”. If there weren’t so many restrictions on medical marijuana and people weere more accepting I definitely could see my design being produced already. I’ve actually seen very similar designs to what I drew up used in the food industry and in some lab equipment.

Edit: I should mention it’s very hard for me not to post a picture of the design I have and explain the purpose of it full on how it’ll work. I promise in 1.5-2 months I’ll have some results to show and tell you all if it’s a bust or not. I’ve always have had a thing science and math, I also love finding the alternative route to something even if it isn’t as efficient it allows you to learn and understand why one way works better than the other. Nothing is ever perfect that’s why we are able to advance as a species. There will always be ways to improve and what is considered the norm today may be seen as bat shit crazy or ineffective processes 5-15 years down the road.


Once again…unless different than the one I posted before that’s stacked and hand built like u saying…

Here’s best value vacs same thing prefabricated… The Icarus line… @Cryo13 and couple other ppl sport prefab TRUE IN LINE dewax like this … Just making sure your design isn’t same… Trying to help you bro

It’s gonna have to be completely different than these to patent this…just he careful, would suck to do all that just for someone like bvv to come in and take everything in court…

Several companies build very similar rigs

In fact this idea is no longer theory and practice

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I really dont think there is a way to patent Closed Loop Extractors. Your design would have to be sooo far ahead of the game and not resemble anything thing on the market. Like you would have to use Titanium and that would have to make it so much better…that was just an example, but even then i think you would be spending millions on patent lawyers and not getting anywhere. Mr extractor tried this and a few others are trying it now. Its not gonna be possible.

How many Mr. Extractor systems do you all see these days. Does dude even sell extractors anymore? This whole concept of CLS and the open source design of these were meant essentially to never be patented. When Mr Extractor went after grey wolf the community didnt fall for that shit. The dude extractor business is essential shut down cause of a stupid patent claim.

Feel Free to explore this. Just be prepared to throw Millions at this problem, and if your “benefactors” have any good lawyers of their own…im sure their lawyers would talk them out of this route.


Killa and stone thank you for the information. Patentin something sounds like it can be a bit tedious. Yes my design is very similar to other but the difference in the design is on the inside of the system vs the actual design of the system . Meow that I think about it my design it’s self isn’t for the whole system but the in-line dewaxing chamber is really where I’m putting my efforts in improving the dewaxing time, the Surface area for fats to stick but at the same time allow the solvent to freely flow with out it clogging, and the amount of time it takes to drop the temp of my solution down to -50 to -70 Celsius in the in-line dewaxing chamber.

I like working my mind so even if my idea doesn’t work how it is supposed to I’ll hopefully learn from this and hit the drawing board again or someone may look st my notes and improve my idea


That’s how good ideas happen bro, I think I get your concept, are you saying similar to cooking fins on electronics your trying to maximize surface area while maintaining even flow throughout the system not just the base, my extractor is flawed because the oil passes the filters before it is cooled enough to dewax that bottom, so they added ball bearings, the problem essentially is the fact that the filter stacks and the reducer and the elbow are no jacketed, so when I crack that valve I do it quickly to a diamond miner to catch the fats sitting in the bottom, in this photo you can see the sleeved jacket stops before the filter so if there was a 6" butterfly valve above to prevent warm flow I would say the dewax would be way more effective! Good luck bro!


my 2015 PX1 came with a separate jacketed dewaxing column.

By loading it with ball bearings, the internal surface area is greatly increased.

so while you might be implementing in a slightly different manner. I don’t believe you’ve got anything non-obvious to those skilled in the art. which is one of the criterion you’ll need to meet for the patent examiner.

it wont run millions, but you could certainly throw $10-15k at lawyers before being told “nah, don’t be silly.”

That said, if you’ve got something in your head that needs out, by all means get the thing built and see how it works.


Dewaxing takes time, not something that you can necessarily “speed up”


So for starters I’m assuming this is THC? Are you throwing it in the freezer after a set amount of heat time first? My main background is with CBD isolation, but I’ve made diamonds in the collection vessel of my CLS. Just leave your oil in there under pressure with little bit of heat circulating through the jacket.

Your best bet is getting a solid stainless steel vessel in the design of a diamond miner from xtractor depot but larger and better. Should have a jacket that you can chill and heat with. Throw a pressure gauge on top with a burp valve and boom your sitting pretty. Should be easy to design for someone who can manufacture a CLS.

How exactly are you applying your heating chilling factors? Like what temps for what times. And how funny is your solution being poured into your jars?

The ideal material is a fresh frozen very terpy material. The terpier the material, the purer you can put it in your diamond vessel (less butane required in your solution because the Terps act as the thinning agent to allow the diamonds to fall out) and the more pure the material going in the more diamonds the solution will create and the quicker they will fall out.

You can absolutely speed up de waxing! More cooling power (Huber is the king of kings) and more surface area. If you can chill it colder and push the solution through more surface area with a lot of vaccuum power from your pump, theoretically should increase the de wax time exponentially.

Another option (coming from my side of hemp and ethanol being used mainly), since your going for only diamonds, you could dewax in mass in ethanol which is going to be more efficient (although I’ve never done a direct comparison) this is going to be more work but it’s going to scale up your diamond production. The only problem I see with that is getting all the ethanol back out without decarbing any THC or losing those Terps that help with crystallization. You can also do a DE and carbon scrub on this rising the THC concentration and purity again helping for faster crystal formation and more crystals falling out at one time (as opposed to pouring off the liquid layer and having to let that solution crash out again because not all the THC crashes out)

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Just because you get it extremely cold won’t dewax faster. Fats take time to drop out. Thanks, it’s not my first time. Surface area helps, yes, but they still take time to drop. I don’t use pumps and running cold material isn’t a thorough method for dewaxing with hydrocarbons.


You can definitely speed up the process there are ways to force lipids wax etc to crash out of the solution faster and I have experimented with a few ways of crashing out. I can force a crash out and dewax a small run in under 45 but this is for open blasting. There is only so much a solution can hold before things start crashing out especially at colder temps when something is slightly soluble

@Siosis I am not heating my vessel does not get past 75 degrees what I have done is once I capped my jar I let it sit in the freezer for 2-3 days then i took it out let it sit in My freezer once my jar lid popped back up I burp it and removed from the fridge and meow I’ve been rotating 12 hrs freezer 2 hrs fridge to 10 hours in 70-80 degree weather. I plan on investing in a diamond miner vessel I have had a few jars break meow from stress fractures forming so I’d much rather have something rated to handle some pressure. I do a lot of small scale for my self to learn and understand more about the different processes. I also have my foot in the door in the cannabis industry so I’m getting to see various methods of extractions. I may neeed to pick your brain later hunter on cbd extractions as my employer is going to want me to process cbd for him also.

@cryo13 you are more on track on what I am incorporating into the design and what I’m aiming to accomplish with the design.

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