new California butane sale laws??

Tick tock. It’s almost July.

Has anyone else’s airgas supplier reminded them about this ban lately? Mine are not happy about losing all the business.


I’ll have clean butane for
22lbs for 250


So what is the community going to do about this?

Isn’t there a filter we can use?

Well time to start distilling canned tane!!!


It’s cheaper anyway.
Does anybody know what ratio of what gas is in what brand of cans?

Still looking for an answer on this ?

colibri is 80/20 to 70/30 and relatively clean.

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I’d be interested to know, doesn’t really matter. I intend on buying the best quality gas I can find once I get started in a few months.


Our 99.9994% level of purity allows us to proudly recommend our butane for all refillable butane lighters. Colibri Premium Butane is developed to reduce the number of contaminants that cause clogged burner valves, misfires and malfunctions—and to safeguard against costly repairs. Our 300 ml cannister is also fitted with five removable adapter nozzles in the cap, so that you may refill old model and Colibri brand lighters.

The Cleanest Butane Available
99.9994% Pure
Will not affect the flavor of your premium cigar or tobacco
Includes five additional nozzle adapters
Premium butane gas
Recommended for all refillable butane lighters
Reduces clogged burner valves
Reduces malfunctions
Reduces misfires
300ml / 10.1 fl. oz. / 162g

i do not see a 80/20 or 70/30 mix colibri is just butane


Im pretty sure it is a blend. A good way to tell is to compress some in a solvent tank and see what the pressure sits at


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A plumbing band holds the cans on. It holds the 750ml cans, dumps mystery oil and passes through a molecular sieve before entering the recovery tank sitting in dry ice. The little red gasket seals the can tip in.


I’m confused…what’s going on here?

Oooo I see now
…no tanks solution!

Wax plug did it again


Can tapping and distilling I think


What pressures would indicate a mix? >20psi?

I wonder if resells will have too…

My guy buys from kush bottles and redistribute for them :thinking:

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Distilling from cans will definitely work for smaller operators.

Based on what I see at my airgas place, there are a fair amount of larger non-licensed operators out there that require regularly picking up several of the LP143’s that hold about 60# of butane each.

Can tapping that amount on a regular basis is probably not an option for these guys and they will either stop what they’re doing or figure out a work around.

Guess which one they will probably do.

I hate how the government tries to control people’s actions through bans and taxes.