new California butane sale laws??

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the new law in California passing on July 1st this year pertaining to the sale of gas to unlicensed facilities.

It states that the only sale of gas to customers without licenses will have to contain mercaptans or some type of similar odor. Anyone have any intel on wether or not this is really passing or not??

Sounds like there’s gonna be Butane Bootleggers! Haha.

I can see guys bringing it down from Oregon for profit.


ya, or a couple of the norcal gas companies setting up shop in so. Oregon, sounds like its bound to happen. my question is what else other than mercaptans can pass as an “odor”? maybe something you just distill out… they’re definitely attempting to shut people down with this one

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Or back to the lighter fluid cans
Europes way for now
Man i miss @SkyHighLer


Except I hear those cans generally have some sort of awful black goo in them. Not sure if its every brand or not.

@Soxhlet Is it possible to distill the odorants out of butane?

Yep mystery oil
@SkyHighLer is the Legend that Paved the way on this subject


Last 5 History Actions
Date Action
09/20/18 Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 595, Statutes of 2018.
09/20/18 Approved by the Governor.
09/07/18 Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 2:30 p.m.
08/29/18 Senate amendments concurred in. To Engrossing and Enrolling. (Ayes 79. Noes 0. Page 6864.).
08/29/18 Action rescinded whereby the Assembly concurred in Senate amendments.

I’d say it’s definitely gonna happen. No one is voting against it really.

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Or az…

Hit me up


13x zeolite pellets are used in the petrol industry to remove sulfur containing compounds like the ethyl mercaptans found in propane gas.


I’ve seen (smelled) it done. using copper wool. and recirculation. warm.

it’s @Photon_noir you needed to page in :wink:


Fair enough, I thought between his legitimate and potentially non-legitimate affairs that he may have had experience trying to do it.

I was pretty sure it was a non-recoverable error. the wizard showed me otherwise.

@Soxhlet may well have that info too.

We all do now :wink:

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Do you have a source in AZ for isobutane?

I have a couple, actually. They both come from the same source.

Sure you can remove mystery oil, but not merceptans (spelling) as easily

They’re quite easy to remove.

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I know thats why i am still stuck with filling tanks with lighter gas cans :confounded:
But once done iT Goes a long way

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The 13X molecular sieve will adsorb a lot of crap, for sure. It also sucks up some cannabinoids, so beware. If you need remediation of resin:alkane solution that contains LP gas odorants (thiols and mercaptans), use clean un-coated copper mesh used in spirits distillation columns. It actually helps to have a little bit of water present, which naturally occurs using butane to extract (even dried) plant matter, so you don’t normally need to add any… but if you do, it’s really just a drop or less per liter of alkane:resin solution.


see above & below your comment for mercaptan removal…

See @SkyHighLer for mystery oil.