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Just new to the site not the game. I love the way the industry is heading seeing as I’ve even laid on a rack for my love of the cannabiz. Just wanting to say what’s up to everyone and see who is just as interested and ambitious. I’m coming from NC and been dabbling with the legal noids. Looking to possibly infuse some nice hemp with Thc-p and Thc-0…. But I’m reeeeaaaalllyyy looking into the Thca due to its “potential”. Any thoughts???

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U wanna infuse hemp with thca? Oyveyy that’s a lil brash… Tell me more


hemp derived THCa…


Didn’t see the “welcome to the Future” doormat…anyways…welcome to the Future @Issame you will find the meaning of life entombed in the annuls of this vast forum.
Buckle up.
Thca…yep it’s in here. Keep reading


Well ky_cbd I’m kinda new to the cannabinoid
breakdown thing…. I’m just aware that Thca converts to delta 9 through combustion or high temperature (decarb) and a lot of the hemp COA I see have very little to no Thca. I’m in a state that still has a problem with D9 so it’s best to stay on the right side law and seeing as the states general statutes only mention d9 being in possession of Thca isn’t “illegal” regardless of what may happen if some clown decides to light it on fire :sweat_smile:

Good luck keeping it from decarbing

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Much to learn. You have. Read.

Answers to questions already found here.



This is 2022. Your legal understanding seems to be based in 2019…


I know I have much to learn and I’m looking to be a sponge. I have been just ordering noids. Thcp thc0 most of it is d8 derived with like 98mg/g d9 thcp and thc0. Honestly I would rather just use 9 disty and spray the hemp but being where I am it’s a bit of struggle finding a good source with a trustable product. If there’s no coa there’s no business. It’s crazy because from all my reading on thcp and thc0 they say it’s soooo much stronger…:-1:

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No. I just live in a state that still doesn’t accept d9. I’m not a scientist or a professional extractor or anything like that so maybe I’m not as informed and experienced in this topic as some of you guys. I just know I want to learn and network.

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which state? because most ALSO assume that THCA == THC * 0.877

I get that there ARE legislators with zero clue involved, but the farm bill was NOT designed to allow gas stations to sell D8.


I would suggest you do a little more reading on thca in hemp. The legal limits, and how that’s calculated.

I’m def going to check into all of that and yea I avoid anything out of a gas station. I’ve been purchasing my noids from vivimu and hemp bros online. North Carolina should fall in line soon tho that’s where I am

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no seriously.

Federal Register :: Establishment of a Domestic Hemp Production Program

“but it’s all THCA” will get you nowhere.

otherwise 30% THCA cannabis would pass as hemp…


It’s a reddit thing…

@r33fermadness made where they declared THCa as legal to ship


that’s gonna end well…


So weeds legal? Hell yea


I’m trying to imagine explaining to a judge in North Carolina that it’s thca, and they just don’t understand that it’s legal🤣


A buncha “hemp” companies shipped tons of “thca” hemp last season… Snapdragon and rush hemp farms comes to mind. Buncha idiots if you ask me


and neither are many of the folks cooking up the cannabinoid soup you’re purchasing to adulterate your “hemp” with. which is the real issue.

this is also problematic. from a biology point of view. nailing those receptors into the ON position really isn’t a great idea. see: THCp Synthesis - #27 by moronnabis