New and starting with SPD

Hello everyone,

I am new on this forum and got directed here as a starting point on SPD.

English is not my native langauge, i am Dutch actually, so forgive my grammer and spelling errors :slight_smile: I am a cancer patient and been growing my own cannabis for the last 12 years.

So i have some experience with how to make an extraction with alcohol and use a rotovap to turn in into RSO, but i want ofcourse the honey oil and terpenes.

I have some basic understanding on how distillation works, but nowhere near academics level.

This topic was created with the hope i can find help from this community on my SPD journey and learn this craft step by step.

There are some science forums in my native langauge, but the community does not allow help for cannabis related questions.

So bassicly i have some money and time to invest and want to spend that on SPD and i guess the first thing to do is buy a SPD distillation kit.

I guess like many others, getting a kit from China is -budget wise- the best option for a beginner, or is that wasted money and should i immidiatly invest in something more pro?

Apart from that, are there any text’s that guide you step by step to preform SPD, that anyone knows of? Any other tips, must reads, etc?

I have zero knowledge on this, but must start somewhere :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there , im a newbie too , my advice would be to first determine how much crude you will be running at any one time , then buy the setup from there.

my friend bought a 5L Setup complete from china and although it looks good , it was way too big from what we needed so to process a kilo of bud will produce say 250ml of crude which wil onkly require a 500ml boiling flask , so we had to purchase one of them .

id also say do lots of research , i have been reading this forum for weeks looking for tips and im hoping to do my first SPD run on sunday . just tryng to learn a bit more and finish off setting up kit .

roguelab is reallly helpful and hes from amsterdam , but read as much as you can before comitting etc.



i can make a across a method on , its for beginners i think but thats what ill try and follow this week .

There are many threads started just like this. U can start by using th search bar and doing lots of research


Thank you labrat!

Will you document your first run on this site? If so i will follow your topic :slight_smile:

@thetetraguy, i will :slight_smile:

I also opened up this topic so i have a centrilized topic where i can document my attempts and keep my journal. Obviously i will try to search for old topics myself as well :slight_smile:

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exactly thats what ive done , im even on 2 other forums just trying to learn as much as i can so if you dont mind answering this id be grateful

obviously im hoping to run a batch on sunday and unable to get DI delivered for the cold trap.

i have acetone in houshold freezer and IPA and normal water ice cubes too .

now on another forum i read that water ice and table salt at a ratio of 3:1 will be suitable .

do you concur , any advice in advance thanks .

I would definitly use dry ice in the cold trap, water and ice isnt enough. Unless u plan on changing ur pump oil everytime u run.
Also make sure your using towels that dont leave lint behind, when cleaning the joints. Always acetone wipe right before u grease, only grease on the top 1/3 of the joint


yeah ive no problem whatsover with documenting it with vids etc , im just praying it goes well , and we dont get vaccume leaks etc , although ive read soo much on that too so suggest cleaning joints with acetone first then using and applying the vacuum grease exactly how its shown on you tube etc.
needs to be done right

£14 for a litre of oil vs £30 for a kilo of dry ice ???

might chance it to start with mate , thanks for help

6 days from when we purchased the kit to when we got it delivered ( china )

if you can source locally then id start looking at them options just in case the chinese kits prove to be rubbish :frowning_face:

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this is the circulator we have with an outlet and inlet , im assuming the oulet will go to bottom of condenser and the inlet will be the return

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this the 5l litre mantle and head we bought which was way too big , was advised to go smaller so now a 500ml BF flask , is this well insulated now ??? thermometer placed just at the beginning of condenser


the 2 stage pump ( 10 micron ) 5cfm will be connected to the cold trap and a vacuum guage in between the cow reciever and cold trap .

and tips and advice before we start are kindly appreciated .

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Nice one , what’s the blue stuff going through condenser , an engine coolant mix ?

Where the guage is ? I’d there what’s recommended , after the cold trap ?

Are u using Di and acetone in your cold trap ? I should try and source some DI for Sunday :heart_eyes: