Need 0.2 micron filtration for CLS

Looking to source a 0.2 micron filter (sintered plate of some sort) to be installed on a CLS for filtering the extract-laden solvent prior to solvent recovery. The biomass is know to be contaminated with fungal spores and we would like to have the assurance that we have past the extract through a filter of a sufficiently small size to remove spores.

I see a few on various sites (Utah Biodiesel, etc.) but would prefer a supplier with a little more focus on food/pharma grade processing. Also, anything I’ve found seems to have a 4-5 week lead time.

If I’m not mistake can get rid of spores (usually between 1-20 micron) however it’s much more difficult to filter out mycotoxins due there particle size being smaller than .1 micron

I’m no scientist. Just what I have read and seen discussed here before.

Some food for thought is all

Someone please correct me if this is wrong.


They told us that neither our CRC absorbents nor the 5 micron filter they are supported on provide sufficient filtration. The 0.45um and 0.22um syringe tip filters are commonly used in the kind of labs where these state employed environmental scientists likely trained. I think if I tell them I’m filtering at 0.2 um they will be happy. The material did not test positive for mycotoxins, just for the microbe itself. It is not our goal to remove mycotoxins via filtration.

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People are running these in a spool, they have double ended npt tri clamp ends too.

I swear people are running them backwards though


I believe @Dred_pirate recommend this in an older thread?


Homie said he didn’t like those one I think. Wanted an alternative.

(arborfab I think makes the utah biodisel ones)

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You can also get pall filter housings too.

@Soxhlet makes filter housings as well, plenty of options if you look.

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While I’m at it, I see people running the Chem tek filters this way:

Isn’t this backwards?


The picture just shows it that way. It would be inverted when connected in the equipment


Hi, we have been suppling filtration products to the Pharma and F&B industry since 1986 and would very much like to work with you, just let us know how. We have stock and when we don’t, we have a one week to 10 day lead time… Thanks, 310-212-7777

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Cartridge filter is gonna have way superior flow.

I can’t even tell my .22 Pall cartridge is inline, compared to the restriction my bentonite clay and sintered disc provide

@Soxhlet / @Indofab sell triclamp cartridge filtration holders (Utilifilters)?

Love my Pall, got inspired by rogue labs and it’s still running strong a half year later.


Has many sizes. I use these and they work great for our 2x 30L ETS CLS

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You’ll still have mycotoxins in the material, I wouldn’t recommend smoking it even after a .22 micron


Hello! I am with IndoFab Solutions. We offer an Ulti-Filter (5 in) or Ulti-Filter Max (10 in) that are essentially two different lengths of filter cartridge housings. We offer .2 um, .5 um and 50 um filter cartridges that are designed and sized to work especially with our Ulti-Filter housings. We have both the Ulti and Ulti Max housings in stock, along with the filter cartridges and mounting options. They can ship same-day when purchased by 12 pm PST. If you’d like more information, you can check out our website, message us back here, or give us a call.


whatever solution you use, just remember, don’t suck on it when it has hash in it…


That filter design would make me want to pull the dirty solvent over the filter and clean solvent out the fitting, not in the fitting and out the filter. If you ran dirty gas into the fitting I gurantee it clogs consistently.

certainly easier to clean when used that way…

Little clean butane flush through the cartridge seems to do me just fine!

Those carbonation stones look a little easier to clog, but I haven’t tried mine yet. Still waiting for the Pall to die first, but it shows no signs of slowing down.


Yea they don’t clog unless you try to pull oversaturaded solutions through under vac. Recover backwards at the end to clean. Recovering backwards is also the only means to fix a clog that I’ve found

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Im gonna just drop one in my last honey pot but concerned it might clog since it will be just “hanging “ inside while the rest is recovering. Have you had any problems with it clogging or do i need to just make it so i can isolate it after being used until the next time i shoot over.

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