Nano Products

Does anyone here have experience making nano-emulsions? What is going into making a nano-tincture, nano-edible, and a nano-topical. Is there something that the CBD is emulsified into first or is the entire product needed to be emulsified? Are there any products out there that can make life easier when trying to create a nano emulsion?

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Try the search bar. Lots of available info already posted.

Feel free to DM me as well.

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I already looked and there isn’t much if any good information on the manufacturing process.

Good try.

I found this one quickly, didn’t really read through it though.

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@Cloner you fell for his trick to get other people to search for him tsk tsk tsk!

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Crafty bugger

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I still have a lot of questions after reading this SOP, like is this the best way to do it? Why not nano emulsify the whole batch so you don’t have oswald ripening, and for other kinds of products that can’t like gummies what do you do.

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Wish I had that knowledge for you…holler if you ever need cultivation help.

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there are better methods which involve sonicators with flow cells hooked up with them with and inline filter on the out port. I just didnt want to spend 25K to do RnD work so i got the probe without a flow cell.

Have you tried making a nano yet? Dive on into it. There are several ways to do it. Oswald ripening occurs when the suspension isn’t kinetically stable, meaning its probably a macroemulsion or a liposome rather than a “Nanoemulsion”. Also takes a lot of applied energy to break down those oil droplets.

Yes. I’m trying to figure out the best strategy in the processes I’m going to have to develop. The strategy is going to be different for various products and batch sizes.

Is there a benefit to nano-emulsifying the entire batch or is it really okay to just reduce the size of part of the batch and if so what % of the batch should be reduced?

When is the best point in the process to create the nano-emulsion, and what do you do if its something that hardens during a cooldown?

When you say “batch”, are talking about the entire batch of nanoemulsion?

This tends to happen using vitamin E TPGS, just dilute with more DI water.