My tops are touching other buds causing mold

My tops were leaning over and with nets and since it was leaning over and touching another bud. I guess the contact made it get moldy. I’m wondering if this is only gonna happen to buds touching bud or now is my grow room in trouble

Increase air circulation and lower your humidity. Stake that shit back up!


You deffinitly need to increase air circulation, and reduce humidity.

However the fact that you have mold means you have a high spore count because they easily formed a colony. You need to try and remediate your intake or room.


Proper growroom management would have stopped that before the problems arose. Plants grow best in the shadow of the farmer.


Pics if your room/grow


See how it’s leaning we’ll imagine on top of another causing mold…. First time growing

4-5 fans mini split and inside portable ac and dehumidifier but I turn it off when lights out…. Should I leave it on the whole 24hrs per say?

Usually 73/-80 degrees

Gavitas but no fans blowing on those just on the flowers.

2 outtake blowers or whatever you call it

Wow. That looks very impressive for a first time effort.

And yes, fans are best 24 hours. Mold can grow in the dark.


Leave the dehumidifier on 24/7. Your dark cycle is definitely the absolute worst time to turn it off. Tops get warm under the lights, sweat, and that’s where the mold starts.


Why? Do you have the same stale air in that room the whole time? Thats such a wasteful and uneccessarily American and technology dependent way to do it. Also all that wasted electricity lightning up your floor.
Is that strain Gorilla Glue btw?

Sweet baby jesus. There is no way you should have mold. You already have mold established / growing somewhere. There isn’t even any foliage left. Lol.


Where are u from? Here in the netherlands we have fungicide spray to stop it from a. r. t. s.
But i had grows lots and lots more bushy no mold even in sea of green.
U should get that air humidity down and pull out the fans for more aircirculation and i would cut out the mold and throw it away before it contaminateds more plants.
And check if u have milldeuw i dont no if i spelled it correctly we call it meeldauw over here it spreads thru the air nasty shit.
U can use a botbox with sulfum to kill it smells like rotten egs. Also it helps with normal mold, but its very effective against milldew(meeldauw) it kills all the mold particles and stops it spreading and we use bayer excact for heavily infected milldewplants.


The best way I’ve found to get rid of both mold and mildew is with a sulfur burner. Once you clean the room, run a sulfur burner in there for a day or two. Then take the burner and put it next to your furnace’s cold air intake/return. Pull your filter out and turn the fan on on your furnace so it runs constantly. Let that happen for another day. Wipe down the grow room walls with a damp cloth and let dry. Restart your mold and mildew free garden.

Ps. Without plants in the room*


Brutal lesson……


Brutal was figuring out how to get rid of it permanently. Every time I build a new grow now, it starts with:

  1. Soak interior of building ceiling to floor with Odoban and let dry.
  2. Paint
  3. Sulfur burner

This procedure kills all the spores in the building and then provides them with an inhospitable place to breed in the future.


Try this sometime. I like it a lot. sporicidin Is another good one that I have used.


That looks pretty good. Too bad the price has quadrupled and it’s out of stock. You can pick up the odoban at Home Depot for about $10 a gallon.


I dont use nets but use stakes and cages. also dont overveg. If the plants are shorter they tend to fall over less unless its viney strains.

i needed to hear that awhile ago. My house was always moist and I did get mold on buds in the basement. I even have a sulphur burner but cant use it mid grow and i was always running multiple gardens on different cycles.

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Any photos of the “mold”? I’m not seeing any in those photos.