My First Attempt at crc

IVe been scrolling thru threads now for weeks. lol. Finally need some answers if you guys could help would be great.

My System: Jacketed Solvent tank connected to jacketed Material Column. (my Chiller is broke as of right Now. So i have the solvent/recovery tank in dry ice. ). From the column goes into a CRC Stack. 5micron mesh at the bottom. two filter stacks inbetween with filter paper.and final column for crc media. its a 4 by 18 inches. That travels to the recovery tank thats connected to coil and recovery pump.

i have 5lb material column, Note: only the coil and solvent tank have dry ice surrounding them

First question i have is:

  1. At 50- 60 Psi how long does take for your flow to finish into the evap tank so you can start recover. It seems i had to burb it quite a lot to get all the butane out of the CRC stack and column. took quite some time. Im trying to figure out if i had the CRC
    column packed to tight or not.

  2. I was asked to USe Cry. I only did 2 runs so far thru the 5lb material column. the first time i used the recomended 250 grams per lb of biomass. Stilll ton of yellowish/brown/blackish. Second run we packed the crc column up to about 1/2inch from top and did another run. The color is still dark dabish color it did lighten up more but not white/yellowish like crc usually produces. So, Is Cry just a Waste of time and do i need to switch to b80 celite mix.

Im really needing find solutions to the problems im having. in next week or to. On Trim run of 5lbs im getting like a 2.5% return that not clear. I know im missing something here. ANy help is really appreciated and needed.


You can recover while pushing into the recovery pot. There is no need to wait till it’s pushed through. As for the media try using a powder that’s acidic to help with the color


Ya me and my buddy were debating and just bumping the nitro at from recovery side to help pull it thru
that Will definately try that next run tomo.

5 micron mesh isn’t enough. You should be filtering down to .2 um to prevent fines. I know Media Bro’s suggest a 5-10 micron filter with their CRY, but tests have shown it’s not enough to stop media from getting through. CRY also doesn’t create any flow restriction, so if you’re slowing down it’s not the media.

Theres a lot of variables as far as color goes. Starting material, solvent temp, residence time, etc. CRY will certainly remediate color, but there is much better options IMO.


i dont have any contaminants from the stack in my final product. We packed my crc column pretty good took good 5 min at 60 psi before flow came through. That seem about right or no. and ya i think im switch to using B80 and celite just not sure exactly what ratio to use

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100-150g per lb if using b80


ya but will B80 do the job alone. i see it used along side stuff all the time

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Mix UltraClear with it and it will do much better. You can also add a layer of silica60 on top to catch all the fats and gums first thus improving the bleaching


Have you ran the same material without media? How much solvent are you running for that 5lbs?

Cry is incredibly heavy in silica…. This could absolutely rob your yields…

Cry should only be used on trash biomass, crx is their regular line that’s not nearly as heavy in silica.


Drop the celite or d.e. no on uses it anymore especially if u have proper Prefilters to catch the fines before they even get to the disk

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ah the trim pretty garbage using it to get the crc tek

ok i see that being dropped a lot. im looking having 2 runs thru the tube before i change it out. what should i use with the b80 to get the best results

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ya super expensive and honestly the trim is garbage but the clean up wasn’t even close to white or clear. straight like amber slabs color. but when i did first run it was black. then i doubled the cry. i just thinki i need build my own crc mix. im looking for nice white/yellow wax sugar crumble. battery etc

How much u material u running

For lb I’d run at least 100-150g b80 at least that’s what I noticed was good starting point for dark extracts

5lb fits in my column.

Think im do this:

a. Activated Alumina 100g/lb biomass
b. Silica 60 100g/ lb biomass
c. T5 bentonite Clay 175g/ lb biomass
d. Use little celite 545 at bottom

Can i use b80 instead t5 or are they the same thing. Not sure if there is a difference i thought they were both bentonyte clays

also, been hereing bad things about the Alumina should i remove this?

Don’t run any that

Run for 1lb 150gram t5 following 50g silica60 that’s it…the bigger the rig I’d prolly back off those ratios like 5lb rig id try about 500-600g t5 w about 150gram silica so u don’t over do it see how it comes out then u can ramp it up if needed

Then if u run b80 run it alone as a single powder

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T5 is a neutral clay. It’s been acid activated but neutralized so that there are no acids left in it. Acid activation simply modifies the surface area of the clay to increase its bleaching efficiency. However the acids do help in removing gums and fats in the oil but can have negative side effects on the terpenes. So it would depend on what type of material your running. If it’s fresh stay with b80. If it’s cured, T5 will do great. If it’s old, the thca has broke down into d9 probably and that will bring down most of the color with it. Something acidic that’s cheap along the lines of b80 is supreme55 or perform6000. Silica60 has a high affinity for phospholipids like d9 and not so much for thca so using silica as the first layer of contact will help by removing some of the gums/fats/metals first allowing the clay to have better contact with the other impurities it’s selective for like chlorophyll and such. Alumina has no moisture in it as compared to clays which have up to 15% so alumina is usually used as the last layer to catch any excess moisture that could’ve been picked up from the other sorbents. The moisture helps to clarify the oil but can also be a pro oxidant if left in the oil. Hope this info helps


How do we burp the nitrogen from the system if our collection is at recovery temp while its dumping still?

Are you recovering passive or active?