My edibles taste like shit

Trying to figure out why my gummy bears suck before I waste another half ounce experimenting. By suck I mean the thc taste/ after taste is to strong.
My theory is
A) they are just to strong ( 70 and 100 milligram per average size gummy bear)
B) I should have used distillate instead of wax
C) a combination of both A and B

Also could have used more sugar maybe this helps with the after taste ?

Use distillate instead of wax, for starters


put your concentrate in your mouth.
does it taste like shit? your edible will taste the same.


You can also use flavor additives to enhance whatever flavor your tryi g todo. I dont use distillTe in mine at this point. Trying for such high mg with wax my b too much. I try for 25 to 50mg a gummie with wax


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If you are going to use regular extracts for edibles. Go by the standard of: if you won’t smoke it, don’t eat it.

Just like your food you throw across the floor. Better quality ingredients make better food, right?

Using distillate isn’t a requirement for making edibles. Not using garbage can be, though.

Take care now, bye bye then.


Cbd hash rosin always tastes good


15mg per 3g gummy is about the max I could stand before it’s medicine instead of a treat


maybe you should add some sugar on it? just a thoughts

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Personally, I think that cannabis and fake fruit flavoring is gross. Cannabis and chocolate tastes great together though.


Blood orange zest in the mct when you infuse makes a nice addition


Orange and dark chocolate is indeed quite nice.


Also pairs well with a nice gooey blondie


people love my gummies but as far as marketing on large scale- im told they taste of weed. Imo, how many are people eating that taste is a thing? I eat it and barely notice any cannabis but its not from distillate. My older gummies were too large and i was overdosing people by asking them to eat a corner and wait to see if they want more- they always popped the whole thing. I dont want my gummies to taste just like candy or kids may eat it.


The concentrate was good quality. I guess they were just to strong. I’ll dose them down to 15mg per bear and up the sugar . Thanks for the tips

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currently with my 1 gram gummies it takes me and othters 3 to get high and have a hangover the next day. I consider that a dose. people can take more or less. I have guessed they are 40 mg per but may be less. tolerance on gummies seems to go up if you eat it all the time. I get individuals asking for lots of it and i feel like im ruining thier day if i ate that much. They never complain of flavor- in fact they say they can tell mine are good based on a bit of weed flavor in the decarbed bho.

For the record, if you have some great extract, you’ll have amazing edibles! I love eating weed in my food because of the additional complexities of flavor. I’ve made some really good concoctions, and I’ve made some that tasted horrible. The ones that tasted horrible were generally always way way way strong.


Combo of a and b. Mainly b.