Mobile App

It’s a start.


After image uploading works… This will be made available. @sidco
It could probably go for a better icon…
I’ll work on notifications/messaging when I have more time.



Is this still a thing I tried looking for it the other day?

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To be honest, I still don’t know the difference / advantage of having a stand alone app vs making a link to your homescreen and use your favorite browser.

I even tried the discourse hub app and if anything it was more limiting.

I have no problems if you want to share the apk / source code and distribute it though I just wouldn’t say I officially support it.


It was just a interesting outlook on the forum I guess, I recently switched to viewing on a different device & everything is completely different so I was curious as to if that would have been for the app as well. Somethings on my new viewing I couldn’t do with my other

Any examples. I am always open to suggestions.

From my tablet\ laptop

Mobile view on a phone.
& it seemed when the op developed the app it had a different view point but they’re are parts I can access on the tablet laptop that my mobile view wouldn’t

I know the links at the top are one. I haven’t found away to make them pretty in mobile view.

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As I see them again I’ll screen shot :call_me_hand:t3:

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This can be updated if interest grows for it to do “more”

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You guys know you can install apps not from the app store on both android and apple phones right?

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Sure hope so, because I’m not putting it on the Google Play store! :slight_smile:

If iphone users demand increases, i’ll produce that solution as well.

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You sir, are the man!

Idk if Cydia is still a thing but you could always make a jailbroken ios app.

I am fairly certain i am one of the few jailbroken iphone users here, and i don’t see a point to an app.


Posting from the app. Works great. Did not send it to google to scan. Thanks for the apk amigo. Now I can put this on my favorites bar. Will hit you up if I need any app work.

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Didnt i download the app from the google play store? Now its gone. I guess i would be more pissed if it didnt get taken down 🤷😂

I have been wanting an app foreverrrrr. I would 100% use the shit out of an app

I never uploaded it to the Play Store. Future and team have expressed open source solutions only. I’ve only provided a github link for download.

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