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an app is inevitable and could be a very useful tool, but making it worth your time wade (since the website makes no income and a paid app would kinda be against the point) might prove difficult


Paid app? The only costs are the making of. I’m not talking about selling anything.

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Or an application filled with advertisements, which I personally wouldn’t use

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There is a discourse hub app for iPhone

I am posting with it


Selling something open doesn’t sit well.

Ads are real, and if Future and the team own it. They can ensure none are in it?

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The People may very well be the product, but that doesn’t mean you have to funnel them into buying unnecessary things or running ads.

Apple and Google/Amazon host the apps. So it’s just cost of making the apps.

Which I might add is something incredibly cheap.

25 bucks then 99 for a year

theweedtube was able to get their apps approved, took a lot of work though

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If you want to make an app, talk to @sidco but I could care less


I’ve done it in the past for friends. Gem Hemp sold cbd isolate straight from Google Play.

Recently 64bit requirements have taken it off the store. Not Cannabis issues or hemp cbd related issues.

Been a minute, but I can shake some dust off.

This is your best bet. As mentioned the mobile view here also works great.
You can even use an RSS reader by adding .rss to the end of a topic

The less money going to Apple and Google the better. Feel free to put a web engine in the mobile app and wrap future4200, put the code on git and I will push it to f-droid / approve it for the community. is also an option. I personally like the webview and imagine that would be easier to wrap than a fork of the mobile app.


I can release apks no problem on github. :white_check_mark:

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I’ll read up on Discourse improvements

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One last thing. Do you mind if other sites pull that rss?

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Not at all.



Oh yeah… We can do better.

So… Could I get access to a media package of high resolution image files?..
Maybe some preferences of what you’d like the Application images / Splash screen to be?

Source code will be uploaded to Github?.. We’re working on APK first… because I don’t fuck with other browsers trying to 1 up me.

I’d love a media kit… so I don’t fail on an Alpha release…

Or an Android

I pulled the image files, I’ll have a demo to test on my devices by Monday.