Media Bros CRC Diamonds ~ Puddin Skin TECH~

First off id like to say that there is multiple ways to skin a cat this is just the method i have found success replicating.

with this method we use media bros CRX media and 70/30 solvent. With fresher material (indoor) i tend to use 75-100 grams per LB of biomass. on other material upto 250 grams per lb pending age and quality.

i inject using a dry ice coil and run the extraction very cold.

pretty standard extraction stuff.

(if you are using a pour spout make sure this was cleaned very well before running any sugar built up will nucleate and cause your jars to sugar up)

once your run/s are finished you want to pour with solvent in your “mother liquid” (i use a 2500 ml beaker)

once your pour is in the beaker you want to let the butane off gas until you reach the proper viscosity. a key tip i look for is when butane bubbles start forming large big bubbles vs small one that pop easily.
At this point you want to pour your jars (wide mouth half pint jars only) approx 2/3 full. DO NOT CAP IMMEDIATELY!!. This is the magic part!! now that your jars have been poured… again let them off gas a bit until you get the “PUDDIN SKIN” (like home made chocolate pudding) at this point go ahead and cap your jars.

place your jars in a dark place (not inside your ovens) for 24 hours. after that migrate the jars into the ovens. (putting them directly into the oven exchanges too much energy and causes the lids to leak via too much pressure build up too fast) after your jars are in the ovens make sure the window is covered.

i usually leave the jars for approx 2-3 weeks and done

TIPS n TRICKS for better results:
Seeding- seeding helps the thca build up more localized on the bottom building bigger clear stones
Jar etching- etching the bottom of your jar helps cause nuculation points and helps finish the process faster


Would Love to see some feedback or people attempting using the cues ive mentioned or if im just a complete idiot also thats good to know lol


That is pretty much my process.

This can also cause a weak spot in the jar and cause it to explode, no fire just the jar break and spray oil everywhere… Case in point it happen couple years ago to @Cryo13


good to know… ive just heard it helps start the nucleation but safety is always first

Any parameters for temps/vacuum in oven or just put in the oven off for 2-3 weeks with the window covered? Also is the 70/30 nbutane/propane?


Is it normal to use that much powders per LB of biomass? We usually use 40 grams per LB but have been using B80 because it comes out light and flows through the crc much smoother. Still haven’t had much success getting solid diamond using jar tech myelf, only with a pressure vessel/miner. We only have freshly cured trim to work with as well so not sure how much that effects results vs using FF. Those are solid stones dude, :ok_hand:

so these results are from freshly cured trim.

and the reason the media grams are different are because i use a media called media bros crx. i dont use carbon chemistry adsorbents

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so i used a heated shelf oven and set it at 80. cover the window and then set them in the oven for 2-3 weeks. yes 70/30 nbutane/propane blend

Let sit at room temp for 24hrs before migrating to 80f oven correct?

yes, if you put the jars directly into the oven you have a much higher risk of them popping the jar seal. ive found letting them “acclimate” outside of the oven for 24 hours helps. to me it seems the jars going from poured and sealed directly to the 80 degree oven exchanges to much thermal energy right away and builds pressure to fast.


Its pretty much always a good habit to allow your solutions to return to room temp before you heat or cool them.

This goes for almost any step of your process. the slower the temp changes the better.


They sent us some sample buckets of the crx and cry. We have been getting better results using what we have been but I’m going to bust out the crx and try this when our half pint jars come in. Does solvent used play a big factor? I’ve been messing around with tri blends latley.

so i prefer to use 70/30 simply for ease of use. however technically id say n butane should be the best solvent to use, as it has the highest bp and will not leak as easily and build less pressure. not to mention but to my understanding butane has a better saturation rate than propane or isobutane. so you can get more saturation of thca per volume of reduced solvent


Did you use trim or nug for this?

recently harvested dry trim

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I will be trying this same method with pure N-Tane.

my Hypothesis is that ill be able to grow larger more defined crystals.

core variable change will be the gas only

the reason for this hypothesis is: Ntane has the larger solubility rate than propane so more thca per volume can be super saturated. ntane also has a higher bp which will cause less pressure and less gas evaporation allowing larger stones to form.

I will post result in here as soon as i am able to conduct this experiment


What temp are you setting your oven when migrating them to it?

You don’t need to ‘etch’. Usually just scraping with a metal scoopula was what we did in organic chem.


You really don’t need any of that. If u extract it right and cap it at the right point crc diamonds are inevitable unless the material is bunk