Making Infused Prerolls - Are they real or just marketing?

More expensive tho :man_shrugging:t2:

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Would argon stay in a container after the first opening though? One opening and that nitrogen is gone.

Argon is heavier than air. Nitrogen is lighter. Argon is less reactive than nitrogen being a noble gas.

Nitrogen is more abundant in the atmosphere by almost 2 orders of magnitude so it’s a lot cheaper to produce from air. The only use case where nitrogen is better , disregarding cost, is if you want the inert gas to dissipate more rapidly (much more so).

I can’t speak to the wine or cannabis but have you compared nitrogen to argon side by side to see if there’s a difference? Technically, nitrogen shouldn’t be reacting, right? That’s the whole point

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looks sweet, but the through put seems like a concern

Sitka in Cali does a nice hash role

Any chance to see a retro fit in the future for the IZR?

The answer is No. BigJim has different PLC and servo controllers than the IZR. Although the BigJim control program enables it to fill cartridges and pods as well as infuse joints, it’s a quite different technical machine from the IZR.

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it can do 800 an hour easy with one person

Spray flower, correctly. Homogenize grinded flower. Use knock box/or similar filling device.
It literally takes 1 minute to spray an elbow of flower.

800 an hour is extremely slow

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Spray your stash… This is how you do this at scale…

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have you gotten ‘Big Jim’ rolled out yet? would love to see some videos of it operating and the end product

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I was thinking JIM was a bit different in design and build but couldn’t recall if it would be possible to replicate on the IZR. Thank you for the reply and information.


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