Making Infused Prerolls - Are they real or just marketing?

This is great! My partner and I went through this same process in 2017. The result to get a preroll that can sell at such a low price was very very pretty and packaged well on the outside but behind the scenes was a nightmare of a situation.

You have put more work into this then the majority of the US market did Ill tell you that, so pat yourself on the back! :beers::beers:


What has surprised me is the pushback I’ve gotten on this idea from our dispensary managers. They keep telling me the customer wants to see it on the outside, all caked on. I don’t get it.

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The custy is always right. (They’re wrong, but take their money)


Use thca that’s been mulled to mix with the ground up weed @ around a %20 ratio. 1g joint 0.8g weed and 0.2g thca.

Stop playing with coating the outside.

Use preroll cones to fill


I’m headed in that direction.

I’ve got some mojinating to blend on Tuesday.

Mulled? Actually, I have a centrifuge arriving Tuesday and I’d thought of using the spun sauce.

I used 20ml of the sauce off of this in 200 grams. It smelled insane.

If elected tl4, I would release my super secret joint injection tek the same day


I feel like you could probably get a cart filler to fill preroll pretty efficiently and effectively.


Cbg uptakes through a different receptor than cbd and thc, so you don’t have to be concerned with it blocking the thc uptake. I would guess it is cheaper than thc material. You could make the preroll get people high with what is inside and use cbg as the decoration for the outside. No one would ever know the difference.

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I bet @RockSteady knows the best way to do this, after all the gemstick looks pretty damn uniform from what I’ve seen

How do you apply your actives to your cones ?


It’s pretty easy to coat the cones with cannabinoids of choice. Dissolve, spray, dry.


Pay me

If your thca chunks aren’t fine enough it won’t be an even distribution.

The stone morter things for mulling/grinding spices down. If they aren’t even enough it won’t burn properly.

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Many ways to go about this, but theres only one way to do it right;)


Then there isn’t a chance in the world I got it right. But, I got one that works, boy howdy. And, it makes my managers and my most demanding wholesale customer happy.

What they wanted reminded me of breading chicken while I made some. You got a wet hand and a dry hand.

I just painted it with some hot 98% disty and before it could harden back up, rolled it in finely ground flower that matched the inside. I had to move fast. The stuff I used is pull and snap at room temperature.

Everybody’s happy. That’s how they wanted it.

Now, I need a shower. I feel dirty……ground flower and disty.


What the fuck is that lol


Exactly what the customer wanted. Who the hell knows what it is. It’ll get you really baked, though.

Made me think of a line from a Peter Frampton song about a Sherman.





It’s $125,000 American train-ridden dollars. And, my customers rejected the whole idea. They want to see it on the outside. I’m just the ringmaster in this circus. You’ll need to see the clown boss for a better answer.


haha excellent work!!! thatll deffently fuck someone up, not my tek tho! I came up witht he gemstick because i hated those kinda infused prerolls, they suck, they are sticky and nasty and hard to handle, once lit theres nothing preventing that from becoming a big sticky mess.

the gemstick story goes like this; 2 years ago i went to the dispo and bought an infused joint much like that, brushed on disty, covered in kief, i was really excited to smoke it and get fadded af. but then i dropped it on accident and it landed on my carpet, when i picked it up i saw it pick up a buttload of hairs and instantly i was disgusted and had to find a better way of infusion, a cleaner, more precise way, the gemstick was born the next day!

keep grinding tho boys, infused prerolls are infused prerolls, and i hope you all see the value of minors more then just brushing on tons of THC and getting people blasted. the minors can completely change the high of the consumer, and thats whats the most fun thing about infused prerolls imo, you can tap into and utilize the entorage effect to its highest potential.


$2500 and I’ll teach you guys a few different methods

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