Looking to fill a big order

I am looking for the following for my partner . Its big!!! So if you can’t do it please do not reply .
15 million lbs of hemp 12% and up .
20,000 kilos of isolate at 99%

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Sounds crazy i couldnt believe it myaelf but if proof of funds are their im game

Nobody is going to be able to fill that without tolling on the isolate side. Biomass - there are a few groups who might be able to supply that amount… but many of them would rather charge more and work smaller contracts to not blow their wad setting up biomass for a CBD El Chapo order like this.

You are aware how much 20,000kg costs to produce and the logistics of moving that much weight, right? Not saying there aren’t people out there with that much money, but you’re not going to be taken seriously if you aren’t even using correct grammar/spelling when asking for tens of millions of dollars of CBD.

Curious - what does your group expect to pay per kg at that rate?

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Ive already found a supplier for both.

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so, after seeing some really big numbers being thrown around, I started wondering about actual market size. assuming 7x109 potential customers, all needing 10mg of CBD everyday, we have a “need” for 7x1010mg or 7x106kg of CBD a day.

pretty sure folks are gearing up for 100x that.



10mg of cbd per person is on the very low end in my opinion. I would say it would be closer to 30mg-100mg of cbd per day, considering most people will use their tinctures at least twice a day, or smoke through a 300mg cartridge in a few days.

I can fill that biomass order if it is still needed

and how many of those 7 billion folks are going to be able to afford it?
less than 10%? Still looks like we’re aiming at too much CBD by a long shot…

I’ve never had anything good happen to me from taking cbd! I avoid it personally, it sucks for my inflammation etc, ibuprofen is way stronger

& In my experience a majority people wouldn’t care to try it unless prescription by doctor. Market is infinitely smaller than 7 billion

Well there will never be 7 billion people using cbd…however…
I feel like in the next decade the world will transition to using hemp to make normal products, which would then mean our current production is wayyyyyy too low.

Hemp will be used for car, clothing, packages, medicine, etc…

Let me send you some free samples of our CBD products… you haven’t tried a good cbd product then. Attached is the COA of the CBD distillate we use for our products: has cbd, cbdv, cbn, cbc and cbg

Most cbd products on the market are bs, they dont actually contain what the package says and most of it is made from shitty isolate.

Distillat COA.pdf (261.2 KB)