Looking to buy IP/SOP for stripping THC

Doing hemp extraction and need to buy a couple days of consulting or IP/SOP for I assume Column chromatography or whatever process you use to strip out distillate to under .3% THC


Here you are, courtasy of @Deleted.


Anyone played with uv light to achieve this?

@Oreo As in using UV to help convert the THC to CBN? Wouldn’t this also degrade the CBD?


Seen this yet? I don’t honestly know enough to comment… but I had wondered about this…

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seems to make sense, It kind of follows the same logic as the thca liquid liquid extraction methods.
You got me there bud! :grin:

Yes probably wont fully do it, id play with heat first…then theres dif UV types…

We are experimenting (based in Italy) with dry ice hemp kief (our EU certified varieties range from 0.01 to 0.5%THC making impossible for us to process and sell concentrates)
We are coming up with a process to expose the kief to low pressure (around 3bar) + pure oxygen exposition for enough time for THC to degrade into CBN.

Still high on prototyping (and post harvest processing) and this is purely based off a tip been given by fellow intern in one of the hemp processors in CO.
Critiques and debunking welcome.

Also, pretty glad to have finally found future4200.


So let me lead by saying I’m no chemist i just have experience with CBN screwing with me in the shortpath and taking my THC. Now that I’ve switched to the CBD side my thought would be your gonna need heat in that reaction won’t you? Or the times your looking at to see enough THC convert to CBN could be a realllllly long time. Because basically your trying to speed up the naturally degradation of THC to CBN by over saturation of oxygen under a vaccuum. Again this is just my thought but I imagine adding heat to this reaction will not only speed up the process but push the rest of the THC to convert. Thoughts?


This whole article talks about the huge difficulty of converting THC to CBN and how slow and inefficient it is. But it’s using a heating process not a oxygen rich environment under vaccuum.

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Sounds legit. I don’t know much about conversation thru short path but ik that light, oxygen and heat degrade THC. So by all three of those factors being used I’d say there’s merit behind that idea.

We currently use large scale chromatography as the most efficient way to do this beyond a few kilos a day. Happy to chat. It’s not a inexpensive set up.


Would that work only to get an isolate?

We can use our chromatography to make isolate but we mainly use it to make distillate or isolate cannabinoids.

Heat and UV are both catalysts for Oxygen :wink:


More efficient than crystallization? Or is it just more efficient than crystallization for simply stripping THC from the hemp extract, not necessarily for making isolate?

Some of these yoohoo’s seem to think you can microwave your distillate to convert the small THC content to CBN…

I mean I’m theory it would convert… you’d just also lose like 80% of the THC along the way. None of these work for large scale operations.

From my research and time at MJ bizcon talking to consultants column chrom is only viable for up to like 3-5 kilos of THC free distillate a day.

We are going to be making 90% of our CBD Distillate into Isolate because it’s easy, cheap, and there’s the main demand for it.

We were looking into catering a niche market and selling THC free CBD Distillate for 10,000-14,000$ a kilo. But the thought there is that these clients will realize month 2 that they can do the exact same thing with our Isolate and it’s going for 7000-8000 a kilo. So we’d drop a lot of money into R&D and consults for a product that people will not want long run.



You’d think that. But from my experience consumers are mostly wanting “full-spectrum” products while our isolate products collect dust until someone who is worried about drug testing walks in. People are consistently paying 25% more for full-spectrum tinctures rather than going for our isolate tinctures with added terpenes. It might have something to do with the marketing locally though, as everyone else that I have talked to in the industry from other parts of the country are saying that isolate demand is outpacing FS demand by a pretty significant margin. Even our FS vape cartridges are selling about 3-4 times as fast as our isolate carts which are the same brand. :man_shrugging:


CBN, then CDC. CBD is a different cannabinoid