Looking into getting into extraction as a hobby

I’d like to learn more about extracting. While I know it’s best to learn from others’ mistakes, I learn by doing. A good analogy for me is jiu jitsu. I can watch a move hundreds of times but until I get on the mat and move my body (and the other persons), I’m not retaining much.

What are some beginner, goals/projects when it comes to extracting? I feel like I might misstep, for example, if I just set my mind on making disty. From what books I’ve read, distillation in general can be a finicky process. If the end goal is to learn general practices and techniques in making concentrates, then focusing on a particularly difficult method is probably not my best bet. I really have no idea how difficult making disty is, I’m just using it as an example.

Another analogy: when one learns a programming language you shouldn’t just start coding an app. Maybe you would learn hello world, basic control flow, then make rock paper scissors, then maybe a calculator with a GUI, then start focusing on learning how to make your app. I’m looking for the “if/else statement” and “rock paper scissors” of the extracting world.

Also, if y’all could share some books or articles you found helpful, I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Just start and do it. Load a mason jar and wash with ethy, load a jar and wash with water. Load a tube and blast it. Just stay safe, and have fun. You are already here. Everything you need is a search bar away.



Have fun friendo :octopus:

But seriously first we gotta know what’s your goal: BHO, Rosin, Disty??? How much do you plan on processing? What’s your budget?

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study hvac and learn that. its the same shit but we use dry ice and heat to move the solvents instead of compressor and condenser.


Buy fresh weed. Ask around to buy a whole plant, then buck it down yourself (remove the stem). Get it into the freezer as soon as possible in a turkey bag. If you can buy it fresh enough to where it’s wet the price should be 1/5 the price of the same dry product when you weigh the buds in the turkey bag. Make hash, or bho from there.


@vortal :

Fair point. The water extraction stuff confuses me a little so I’ll start reading up on that. I will def get some everclear and start messing around in my basement.

Are the chances of blasting myself into a headline minimized if I attempt making BHO outdoors? :stuck_out_tongue:

@GroovyOctopusLabs :

Hey, if it wasn’t you, it would have been someone else! :rofl:
Figuring out how to make good disty seems like a fun problem to solve, but I don’t believe I have the experience (or the funds) to achieve anything close to consumable. I feel like I could pull off a decent run of BHO, and tubes aren’t super expensive.

Well disty is more of a challenge but it’s also a lot more money than a bho rig. You also need a little more equipment to run it effectively. From what I’ve seen 220v electricity, chillers, heaters, large vacuum pumps that need to be constantly running. You need to winterize, distill, decarb, some people de-terp there’s the pH balancing aspect as well as degumming. It also takes A LOT more starting material. Given you can make etoh oil and run from there its still a lot of money like in the thousands.

BHO Setups can run into 2k max for a good 1lb unit one and a vacuum oven… A vacuum oven will be the most expensive part of a BHO rig and a recovery pump but that’s if you plan on going active.

Etoh has it’s ups and downs not explosive but can still catch fire under the right conditions, is the biggest upside to using etoh but the biggest downside is terp loss.

BHO is a great way to go and building a mini cls is relatively cheap but you could look into @Killa12345 for a bho rig.

you learn a lot by going straight into closed loop also worth it if you’re willing to avoid the risk of open blasting.

Water and Rosin to me are the most delicate and are the ones that you need to be willing to work with the plant matter rather that just strip it’s oils so it’s a lot of balancing and getting it “just right.” Personally, I stay away from rosin and water hash.


Absolutely it minimizes some explody shit. I only extract outdoors on the pavement, it’s because butane pools before it evaporates giving it time to find the nearest ignition source. I would just make sure you’re aware of your neighbors; As in, not the paranoia of what you’re doing but rather to make sure there’s no low hanging a/c or ground placed central air unit near your rig, no ones about to do a cookout, there’s no car that will start within 10ft of your rig. You still want to take safety measures along the way though.

The one thing you want to do though is read, read, read before you attempt; Doing this exponentially lower your odds of “Blasting yourself into a headline.”

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oh yeah, and for the love of fuck, don’t smoke near your cls!!!

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Thank you for all the great pointers! I will come back here right before I get my feet wet.

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What do you mean I can’t keep my cls near my Tesla coils?

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before you order anything major… to get a good feel for the science and hands on stuff…

get you a deep freeze.
get you some mason jars
gets you some pure grain
a pyrex dish
an electric hot plate
a safe place outside or near your garage door or something. ( lots of air movement )
cheese cloth and or cellulose filter paper
get your trim or some semi fresh bud. ( dont want anything too old )
shake and bake my friend.


If you mean material he wants dry ice and a flat chest

Yeti ,RTIC, Yeti or if you’re going more economical 70 qt Coleman Marine Ice Chest (50$) and dry ice. like this

If he want’s something to use for a 6" diameter tank then he’ll want a round 5 gal home depot water cooler or a 5 gal igloo water cooler. like one of these

Igloo ones are on sale this week for 30$ @ home depot

Great thread