Looking for cannabis derived terpenes

Lovely. The first oil I ever had was Cannabis terps so I’m spoiled. I’ve made blends and mixed blends into cannabis terps, but theyve always tasted “off” to me. We do research and tastings. I’m not gonna lie, some people in the company liked the 50/50 blends, but go more than 50% imitation strain (chemovar) they got snubbed.

These mixes are like the Jolly ranchers of cannabis flavors, consistent (I’m assuming they can program the appropriate GC-MS trace into a robotic mixer now, if this device doesn’t exist, I’m laying first claim to the idea). They are affordable too, like vanilla extract made from synthetic vanillin. Potato potatoes, there’s room for everything.

The only thing that really chaps my hide is when the oil company lies about using botanical blends.


I tried the gold coast brand n they were tasty

Do you equate hemp terpenes with cannabis terpenes? (hemp is cannabis…)


i would think hemp terps would be cannabis based, yes.


Friends don’t let friends claim that hemp essential oils are even in the same category of most of the drug variants, yet…(come on hemp breeders, I believe in you).

The other problem with hemp Essential oils is that the way their processed can lift certain pesticides into the oils. This goes for any type of hydrodistillation or CO2 pull. You have to do pesticide tests on these batches. It’s not funny to get your batch quarantined and have to pay for remediation. Make the provider give you a CoA on each batch, don’t just accept a CoA of the starting material.


Hey man, can you explain to a Canadian Terpenes buyer what a CoA is and what do I have to look for when I ask for one?

Do you think a company like Bluerivers is testing each one of their batches?

If you can find a good source for a clean product, I think Hemp Essential oil is 10000x better than any botanical full spectrum blend on the market.

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I sent you an email about this.

CoA = certificate of analysis - from a testing lab (I would want a Category 1 and 2 pesticide report).

Dm me. Need some

I can get you 100% cannabis terps at about a 0.5%-2% yield on crude extract. Would need some coordination and to work out a deal (most likely a split, rather than you paying). Tech is worked out and terps are fire. Located in Bay Area, CA. DM for deets.


Yes I have tried so many terp companies and its been the good, bad & ugly. I just got this new companies terps last week and the Sour Diesel & Orange Cookies are Fire!

Peak Supply Co. I hope the consistency stays the same. Figured it was cheap enough to give it a try. This was one of the first few times I was shocked in a good way.

So we will see how next order goes. Ill keep info updated.

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Hah you found peak supply! They hit my radar a few months ago. I talked to the owner Nate about some custom terp strains. They are working on them now :smile:

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Looking To buy terps Instagram dm me connected.florida

So we’ve been using MAE (microwave assisted extraction) for terps and yields are typically below 1% w/w for fantastic fresh-frozen material.

In fact, the extraction of essential oils by this method doesn’t often reach 1% for aromatic herbs like lavender, mint, basil, etc.

In that case, actual cannabis-derived terps will be astronomically more expensive than what is currently available.

What system? I have an old ethos I could use help resurrecting if any interest…

We’ve got an ethosX, what seems to be the problem with yours?

It uses old serial connections. The software I have runs in demo mode so I can’t do anything cool…

Call milestone and get some technical support. They’ve been super helpful.

Does the flower still smell terpy after the extraction? Does it seem the extraction method isn’t particularly efficient?

The “terpy” smell that is characteristic of good flower kind of transforms. There is a definite component of grassy-smelling terps in the bottom fraction, which I’m assuming are all water soluble.

The top terp, when appropriately separated is characteristic of the bud. And the water left in the reaction vessel is sweet-smelling. A lot of colorful compounds are also soluble in the water—for example I put very purple flower in the reactor and got very purple water.


I’ve gotten the sweet purple water while steaming too. Thanks!

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