Looking for cannabis derived terpenes


Lovely. The first oil I ever had was Cannabis terps so I’m spoiled. I’ve made blends and mixed blends into cannabis terps, but theyve always tasted “off” to me. We do research and tastings. I’m not gonna lie, some people in the company liked the 50/50 blends, but go more than 50% imitation strain (chemovar) they got snubbed.

These mixes are like the Jolly ranchers of cannabis flavors, consistent (I’m assuming they can program the appropriate GC-MS trace into a robotic mixer now, if this device doesn’t exist, I’m laying first claim to the idea). They are affordable too, like vanilla extract made from synthetic vanillin. Potato potatoes, there’s room for everything.

The only thing that really chaps my hide is when the oil company lies about using botanical blends.


I tried the gold coast brand n they were tasty


Do you equate hemp terpenes with cannabis terpenes? (hemp is cannabis…)


i would think hemp terps would be cannabis based, yes.