Looking for cannabis derived terpenes


Looking for true cannabis derived terpenes please let me kno thanks




These are not 100% cannabis derived terps and they even back that up here-> These high quality terpene blends start with our award winning, organic, botanical terpene formulations which are then infused with organic, cannabis derived terpenes from hemp!


You’re misinterpreting it. They are taking their blends. And using that recipe, with hemp derived, hemp is cannabis, terpenes and mixing them. They are from hemp (cannabis)


Have u used there product? if so how is the smell is it super dank like real heb or is it fruity like normal vape pen style. Thanks for all


It doesn’t smell so much like HTE terps, but it tastes and smells much more like it than all the others. I have a bottle of their wifi and they formulated one of our strains that we have so we can always have carts of that flavor. The wifi tastes far more like wifi than any other manufactured terpenes that I’ve ever tried.


From the wording It sounds like 100% of whats in your bottle is not only hemp derived terps but that they add hemp derived terps. I thought the OP was looking for 1:1 cannabis terps from actual strains not strains created with terps.
ie: Durban Poison terps extracted from a Durban Poison cannabis plant.

Q: What terpenes are used in your blends?

A: The terpenes used in our blends may include the following:

Caryophyllene Oxide
Geranyl Acetate


I believe he is looking for direct strain specific derived. Those are hard to find and expensive.

I can see how it looks like that, but I don’t believe so. I have asked quite a few times and tried them myself. I will definitely ask again for clarification.

And all those terpenes would be ones found in hemp/cannabis, correct? I believe that’s how they are sourcing them. Don’t know where, but I believe that’s what they are doing.

I could be wrong and they could have blown smoke up my ass and I believed it.


Really looking for hte similar smelling Terps. Are people not using expensive equipment to extract strictaly Terps from cannabis?


I use the HTE from my diamond mining to make carts. Taste better than terp blends. This is from fresh frozen OG Kush.


Not many. It’s hard to do it profitably I assume. HTE terps are the closest to the real thing, but they still have thc a good amount of the time and obviously can’t ship. And if you were able to get em they would probably be expensive. They will make the best tasting cart.

I say contact Xtra Labs. They don’t smell exactly like it out of the bottle but mixed at 6% it’s pretty effin delightful.


Well my issue is this I made some diamonds from old material I separated the diamonds from duace and now I am left with this dark color sauce that has been in jars and now turning to this sugary goo substance I’m thinking of a way to do some this with it kinda stumped my thought was to maybe mix with dista to make the color nicer and add true cannabis terpenes to make a juicer looking product hoping I can find something to do with it looks like shit smells pretty good bit not crazy loud any thoughts?


How much do you need. I have connections to some really good ones in Santa Rosa. I could connect you to him. I use them and they are wonderful.

Email me. Derek@trueterpenes.com and I will get you in contact with him.



Sound like u just had bunch THC in the terps still…what’s wrong w sugar terp sauce?

Hell most ppl would just sell like that if smells good and taste good


@StoneD know it’s just brown looks like poo
@DerekTTpdx I will email u thank


We are babbling about a scrubbing tech on another thread to make clear extracts… I say keep those terps stored safe and see if you can make them clear once we figure out how to do it. Cause I know I’m going to be


Hey guys,

This is Jordan with xtra laboratories.

Just to clarify, @Baked-All-Day is correct in that these blends are not 100% cannabis derived but they do contain hemp terpenes. These blends provide a more authentic cannabis flavor, a smoother and longer hit, as well as increased effects felt.

@dred_pirate My apologies for the miscommunication/misunderstanding, hopefully after speaking with Clint we’re all on the same page!


Our wifi is one of my personal top 5 favorites. Thanks for the kind words @Dred_pirate


Who has got the dank real deal 100% high end cannabis Terps tho the wonky ones just aren’t cutting it


Have you checked out Blue River?

If you haven’t tried our full spectrum blends they’re definitely worth exploring.

Far from wonky!