Looking for cannabis derived terpenes


BR terps are hit and miss and they are overpriced for what they are. My two cents. They smell like steam terps, they toll me it was not, but if you are looking for terpenes that taste like actual cannabis, you want Co2 Terps !


Cannabis doesn’t taste like dirt


just received 3 samples of your full spectrum blend. waiting for a magnetic stir bar before i make the carts, but i’ll definitely let you know how it goes. i also have 7 ml of blue og terps that are cannabis derived. just wiaiting until i have all the tools before i start making carts.



Keep us in the loop and thanks for your order!

Where’d you snag the Blue OG terps?


We have cannabis (hemp) derived terpenes available. Steam extracted, 0% THC COA, dm.


purchased from a friend privately. wow they were expensive… only comparison i’ve found was blue river and i paid less than 100/gram…


made 32 carts with 2ml of blue cheese today. got mag stirrer today. im gonna let some set for a couple days and see if there is any separation. might throw a couple in fridge and see if it does anything to it.


i got those terps today. do you know the strain name?


95% sure BR uses modded steam distillation. If so, not worth the price.


How much are you looking for? Is this consistent demand or just to try the real stuff and see what you get?

I can see what we can do. We stick with chemovar specific small batch.

I have my opinions about steam-stilled industrial hemp, but then there exists great variety of wines on the market that all have consumers…I’ve been known to drink a glass of Charles Shaw every now and then.


im in early days right now trying to decide what is the best. i got 7 grams from a friend that are cannabis derived and 3 flavors that are ‘full spectrum’ combination from extralabs and im getting a couple from florplex. im very small scale, couple hundred carts a month.


Agree, they don’t taste/smell like actual cannabis! Real cannabis-derived terpenes smell like cannabis, at least the one I have before.


Ok. I’ll message you.


They do. My favorite so far has been from a particular farm’s Skywalker OG. But every day a new chemovar rolls in, it’s exciting to see what it will reveal. And btw, not all the compounds these plants make are commercially available or commercially viable to make.


I’ve bought some really good terps from www.goldcoastterpenes.com. I use their purple punch and it really tastes like bud


Did you have a chance to sample them?


I made the grand daddy purp and headband… they are tasty.


The cannabis terps? Or Gold Coast brand?


sorry, those were xtra labrotories brand.


the blue OG was cannabis based but i haven’t tasted it yet.