Looking for amateur-friendly SOP to isomerize CBD to THC

Hello dear users of Future4200!

I have been trying to isomerize CBD to THC for a short amount of time now. I have limited chemistry knowledge and despite a hot plate, a magnetic stirrer and some beakers almost no equipment. I have already tried following SOPs:

I. The H2SO4 in glacial acetic acid method: Isomerization to Delta 8 THC

II. The HCl in H2O method: CBD > D8/D9 Mechanics (New Paper)

Both methods did not work.

Using the first method it looked like there was nothing in my beaker after evaporating the petrol ether and even after adding vegetable oil to the beaker and consuming it there was no effect. I tried this method two times.

Since I am not certain how to exactly interpret the paper from method II. (it says anhydrous solvent, but the solvent is H2O!?) I tried multiple variants:
Dissolve CBD in: (i) EtOH, (ii) vegetable oil or (iii) just try with H2O.

After this step I always added 2 ml of 33 % HCl and left it for 24 and 72 hours with stirring. In the end the only time I was able to create something was when dissolving CBD in EtOH. After evaporating the solvent I got a yellow, bitter tasting, like a toilet smelling sort of glue which partly stuck to my stir bar:

I added vegetable oil to the yellow leftover and stirred, but again no effect after consuming.

So here I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if there is no way to isomerize with my equipment. Could it be because I don’t neutralize my solution (always left that part out because I have no base) or could the THC be oxidizing so quickly since I don’t have a nitrogen atmosphere or a vacuum or could it be because all these procedures were carried out at room temperature?

I have 0.1 molar H2SO4, glacial acetic acid, citric acid and 33 % HCl. Is there anyway I can isomerize with this equipment?

Every little help means so much to me!

Thank you for your attention and sorry for the long post.

You need a short path to have anything close to safe to consume. Even then it’s questionable


Thank you for your answer, but the dose makes the poison, right? I understand your concern but as far as I know all impurities formed in CBD isomerization aren’t dangerous at this dose. Also I can’t afford a short path distillation kit.

How far does this extend?


Not very far. I had a look at LC-MS results from this paper: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.forsciint.2020.110173 and checked the products for the reactions when mixing my CBD solution with HCl. I don’t know what else I could have done with my equipment to minimize impurities.

Homie, please stop while you’re ahead. If you don’t have the money for the proper equipment , then you sure as hell don’t need to be making it. AND then on TOP of that give it to yourself, or someone else…
Dude, stop… Please… If you want to know why it’s bad, and all at least have a concept of the chemistry use the search function… Nobody here is going to help you hurt yourself… If you want to do that, you better invest in some time into reading…
Otherwise, don’t become a statistic…


In addition to both comments, both of these reactions do infact work.



You’re consuming cbd and whatever isomers decide to show up… Bro, please stop. You’re not making anything if you can’t feel it. AND you can’t really feel that much from D8. Grow some weed, support your local farmer, go the store (if you can), but fuck Bro, don’t fuck with this shit. You can get deaded really easy…
Edit: Like I swear to you, the only thing I am concerned about is your well being. I don’t know you, or anything about you. But Bro, I don’t want you to get sick, hurt yourself on accident, there’s Sooooooo many variables that need to be controlled for the desired reaction, and you can’t do that on a hot plate in your basement


You’re literally the 5th guy so far this week that has come with this Grand Idea to isomerize CBD. At least you’ve been honest and said you don’t know shit. Stick around, read alot, you learn what tools you need, and why, and you can purchase things as you learn…
But stop eating whatever the fuck it is you’re making… You don’t even know what it is…


I know my post does not sound good since I consumed something obviously impure. But as mentioned above I do not think I have consumed something so toxic that could cause serious damage, at least not at this dose. Me writing this should affirm my point. I know about the potentially carcinogenic ethyl chloride, about the low pH in my product and at least about some toxins from the LC-MS. I have also read quite a few papers and patents, but most of them are impossible for me to recreate. Of course I wouldn’t have given anybody but me something of this.

I appreciate your concern, I really do and perhaps I am overlooking something. But then it would be good to have some actual feedback on what I am doing wrong. I mean testing the product on yourself is not the problem, is it? It is because it is impure, but are the impurities really a problem at this dose? We’re talking about 0.156 g of CBD, a small amount of EtOH and HCl.

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I don’t know any local farmers, I can’t go to a store and there is no way for me to safely grow any weed.

Such constructive criticism.

Not fucking around with you. Told you Homie, no on here is going to help you hurt yourself. If you can’t go through this forum on your own to figure out what the fuck you are doing. DON’T DO IT!!! For fuck’s sake… You think we’re just being cynical? Fucking stop, for real.
Or learn on your own, because the answers you will get are going to remain the same…

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Get outta gear with your excuses…

The shit I have done (and still do) to grow weed…


I would try make a connection to help you out, but with your posts, and what you’re asking I’m not comfortable doing it. Do something for yourself to fucking prove you want to learn. If you put in the effort, we’ll put the effort into you. But you got a long way to go before I try to hook up with someone for a solid weed connect. Not happening…

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I grew in my mother fucking kitchen, so I don’t want to hear shit about not being able to do it… I vegged in my bathroom, and hated every minute of it. But I fucking did it… You have to pay a price for everything, and obviously weed must not mean much. Because instead of growing REAL weed, your trying to make Diet weed? WTF is wrong with you? Your priorities are fucked Bro.
STOP, and re-assess your life’s decisions. You made a couple wrong about 3 moves back…

Can I add the timer to these posts? I know Regulars can move and rename, but can we trigger the timer? These posts need to die

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It isn’t criticism. It’s a gift. The fact you’re so unaware that you’re so so so far from being qualified to do the things you’re attempting to do is why you’re in no position to be given any criticism or any help. Please stop wasting your time and endangering your health. What’s the point of even doing this? D8 is extremely cheap these days. Not much more than it would cost you to make yourself. Source some clean d8 distillate from someone that knows what they’re doing and be done with it. Jesus