Looking at all methods of THC remediation in CBD distillate

The aim is to produce CBD distillate and we are evaluating costs and material requirements.

Please add any methods you know of to this and let us know what you’re using please. Liquid chromatography (HPLC or Flash column), Liquid-Liquid extraction (maybe) & Dry Column vacuum chromatography.

So far it looks like the Flash column chromatography seems to be fairly industry standard, but the price tag on materials and machinery is fairly steep. $150k for a Puriflash 800XL and then ongoing costs in media and solvents.

Any help is appreciated.

What is the estimated thc % You seek to remove ?

~1.5% out of crude starting at ~60%. It gets put through the SPD and comes out ~80-90% CBD and usually ~4% THC, so 4% THC lets say.

Ask @steelrollin hè noes Some Whats probably
Dm him for these matters

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I wonder if converting the D9-THC in the mother liquor to D-10 would be a way to “remediate” the THC? As I understand it, delta 10 is not psychoactive nor covered under the new farm bill, correct?


and might not even be delta 10…

if nobody knows what it is, it doesn’t show up on the COA.
so for now that might work.

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By Wich path do You think this can or should be done ?9>10

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According to the B/R blog: “Delta-8-THC isomer can be made from Delta-9-THC in a spinning band distillation system. Mix in 4% acidic alumina silicate with your extracted and winterized crude cannabis oil. Distill the cannabis oil and collect the THC distillate as you normally would. The combination of the acidic alumina silicate and boiling flask heat will catalyze the the rearrangement of the THC molecule from delta-9 to delta-8-THC. The conversion rate should be at least 90 – 95%.”

Delta 8 also falls thru the cracks of the farm bill … we are going to experiment this week.


I wonder how this method would play with CBD crude?

Anyone have any idea what it could convert CBD to? CBN comes to mind but I’m wondering if it could turn the CBD to delta 8 as well.


Sure thing iT s easier to go cbd >delta8
Then thc delta 8

The Puriflash, or similar, is the best solution I’ve seen


let me know how that goes please.

Delta 8 is on the degradation/isomerization path of CBD.

If I remember correctly, CBD and THC both go through delta 8 on their way to CBN. I used to have a flow chart from a PowerPoint presentation. Those presentations were recently “lost” in the abyss.

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I was also in the understanding that delta 8 is a step in between to CBN but When looking at My help!!! Tread
One can clearly see that even thou i have a high CBN content there is No delta 8 none
I find iT strange but what can i say the numbers show iT :roll_eyes:

Were you converting from CBD or THC?

Edit: Nevermind, just checked the thread, I’m pretty sure the CBN conversion can be done with just heat, the delta 8 isomerization requires some type of catalyst for the reaction. THC can route to CBN without going through the delta 8 stage, but, delta 8 will also eventually become CBN through degradation.

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This main CBN conversion was done mainly by means of pure oxigen treu solution for 72 hours
Several isomerizations occured but No delta 8 curious experiment


From what I’ve been reading here, it looks like a hot scrub with T41 is pretty decent at converting D9 to D10. With some D8 as well. It looks like D8 is better achieved with T5 clay.

T41 If not mistaken is acidified with sulfuric acid the liter i had i used to declogg Some sewage pipes
That stuf Will never enter My lab again :weary:Period
I do wonder wat d10 is good for Any leads ?

I guess I should mention I was more thinking about isolating the CBD then remediating the mother liquor as to not end up converting the CBD.

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Delta 8 is federally scheduled. c_cs_alpha.pdf (377.3 KB)

Thcv however is not. Neither is thc-o acetate.