LOOK here to learn how to dose and formulate correctly

The goal of this tutorial is to greatly help those making different formulations to gauge how much mg of cannabinoids they are adding to an end product so that it is accurately dosed. I will be focused on edibles today and I will do a follow up with for vapes later. If you are making edibles you should know exactly how many mg you are putting in your products and you should be testing on a consistent basis to make sure you are on point.

In order to understand how to find the correct mg per g of oil first thing we need to do is identify how many mg of thc/cbd is present in the gram of oil before adding it to a batch. Once you get you oil tested in a lab - JUST ADD A ZERO TO YOUR PERCENTAGE POTENCY IN ORDER TO FIND TOTAL MG. Eg - my oil is 80% CBD how many mg of cbd is in this oil per gram? Add a 0 to 80% and you have 800mg. Congratulations your halfway to becoming an edibles chef.

When making edibles you need to know the following - the desired weight of the end product and the desired potency. Once you know these things you can figure out how many MG you need per batch size and how many grams of oil you will need to put it. I will leave a couple of different formulas at the bottom for people to dig through if your stuck.

Example 1
If you have 100 grams of chocolate and you know each chocolate is going to weigh 5g then you would know you will have 20 chocolates.

If you have an oil that is 80% (800mg CBD) and you are going to make put that into 100g of chocolate you divide the weight of chocolate by the total mg. 100/800-= 8mg per g of chocolate.

If each gram of chocolate is going to have 8mg to it then a 5 gram chocolate will contain 40mg of cbd in it.

It in order to maintain accuracy it is extremely important to make sure you batch is well and truly mixed. The only real way to do this is to use a homogenizer. I remember reading a post by cat scientific about there being up to a 60% potency difference in stirred formulations. Thats a big difference folks so if you can get a homogenizer then please do so. If not then a electric whisk will have to do.

IF you are working with THC or CBD it is important to note that you oil needs to be decarbed before putting it into edibles. If you are using distillate your oil is already decarbed so dont worry about it. There is also a loss associated with turning thca into thc and I cant remember the ratio off the top of my head. There are numerous ways of decarbing and that depends on the size your trying to decarb. The nice and simple is to put your oil on a nice pyrex dishes with lots of surface area. (a rectangle one) put it in the oven at 140* for 30mins and you should be good. another simple alternative it to put in on the stove and apply heat until its stops bubbling make sure you have a The bubbles are the carbon being released .

Ask the right questions before eating any edibles - check for test results, ask about the process, ask about what protocols are in bad to maintain accuracy.

Once you know what your inputs are then its just a matter of subbing in whats missing and you can go from there.

EG - Potency per edible β€”> (Total MG/Desired potency= total edibles per dose) Eg- 800mg/5mg is 160 5mg edibles

EG - MG per pack β€”> (weight x potency = total mg per pack. eg 5g x 5mg is 25mg pack.

EG - Weight of oil per dose β€”> (Desired potency/total potency x 100%) Examples highlighted below.

IF I want a 50 gram chocolate bar to have 400mg of CBD in it and my starting oil is 80% how much oil do I put in there?

Well lets test it out.

What is unknown? The weight of oil for each dose.

800mg total available. We need 400mg for the bar. 400mg/800mg x100 will give you 50%. 1g of oil is 800MG you need 50% of that which means you add a half gram of oil to the mixture.

Now let’s say that chocolate bar has 16squares. 400/16 is 25mg per square. Clearly this will only be accurate if the original bar weight is accurate.

It is important to be able to add different batches together and know what you total potency of your oil is. Lets say you have 2 batches of oil

1kg Batch 1 45% THC, 45% CBD, 1% CBG 2% CBN

1kg Batch 2 70% THC 10% CBD 2% CBG 1% CBN

Change everything to mg and add together and dived by the total weight.

1kg Batch 1 - 450mg THC, 450mg CBD , 10mg CBG, 20mg CBN per gram

1kg Batch 2 - 700mg THC , 100mg CBD 20mg CBG, 10mg CBN per gram

TOTAL - 1150mg THC, 550mg CBD , 30mg CBG, 30mg CBN

Batch 1 + Batch 2 total weight is 2kg

Let say we want to find out whats the new potency of THC

(Total MG / TOTAL Weight )(100) = potency

(1150mg THC /2000g )(100) = 57.5% or 570mg per gram

Now lets say we were trying to make a 1-1 mixture edibles. using the above potency how much cbd oil do we need to add to bring this up to a 1-1 ratio.

1150mg is the total THC, total CBD is 550mg. 1150mg - 550mg means we need an added 600mg of cbd to even out the mix. Lets assume your using isolate that is 99.9% pure that 999mg available per g. (600mg/total availablle mg)(100) = total weight required. 600mg/999mg brings us to .60 x100 is 60% so if using 1g you would need to add .6.

Batch size = total Mg required/ total products.

I know I’m going to make a batch of 500 chocolate bars and each bar is going to be 400mg THC each. What is the total amount of oil I will require if the potency is 85% THC

Product potency x total batch size = total g required.

400mg THC chocolate bar X 500 bars in this batch = 200,000mg of THC

If oil is 85% THC that means there is 850mg per g. How many grams of oil do we put in the mixture ?

200,000mg / mg per g 850 = 235.29g of oil per batch.

You would also know that each chocolate bar weighs 50g. 50g of chocolate X 500 bars is 25kg of chocolate required for this batch.

I may have gotten a little in the weeds with this but if anything needs further explaining let me know.