Liquid Nitrogen Hash

anyone have any pointers/tips/specific equipment for a liquid nitrogen “extraction” ?

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Is the goal to use nitrogen as a solvent or just to feeeze plant material for mechanical seporation of plant matter from tricombs?


agitation to break off trichomes, and ultimately use the resulting product for live rosin

Do you have a tumbler for making keif?

no sir, working on it tho, its in the budge but not anytime soon, ln2 it is for now

do you have bubble bags?


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Using overhead vapor from Ln2 to embrittle biomass for mechanical separation works well. This method works very well for hops, the trichs easily fall out of the buds. Cannabis seems to need more agressivness of operation.
Seems the trichs lice (break) when immersed in LN2, but it could have been from the way I was working with it. In my case I was making a “hash composite” using Ln2 with a sap/shatter to make a fine powder then mixing in clean cryosift to blend (adding ln2 to when needed). once consistent, removed and rolled into bulk mass .


Put the material into a 5 gal bucket, ladle ln2 from a dewar onto the material inside the bucket. pull a bubble bag over the top (160-180 micron)
turn it upside down and shake like a salt shaker.
It’s a a twist on the dry ice method.


Is there some type of “soak” time when utilizing LN2 like you described above @Soxhlet? For instance can you have your material become too brittle within the LN2?

Would it be better to have a dewar system with the bottom being a mesh screen to catch bulk plant material with an appropriately sized micron bag/filter beneath it?

LN2 is also great for powdering pull/snaps and shatters for blending with LN2 kief/sifts or other hash oils.


This sounds right up @BG305 s alley


With the equipment you currently have @Soxhlet posted the best method. It has two advantages in that you separate the trichs from the flower and get a workout at the same time. :grin: Happy shaking.

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Why workout when you can just piss off your girlfriend?


Interesting, for R&D we picked up a high tech shredder. I customized it for CO2 injection and then for LN2 injection. It didn’t hold up to the LN2 temps and the drum fell apart. So I modified it again and changed out the poly screens that they come with for SS screens.
An easy DIY method is with two buckets, SS screen and a large hose clamp. Cut the bottom of one bucket off put the screen with the hose clamp over the hole. Place inside the other bucket and fill with flower and dry ice. If you can get a vibrating table it will piss your girl off @qma :joy::joy::joy: and separate the trichs from the flower. I would use the “rice” size dry ice for this a the large pellets beat the flower to a powder.


When “freezing” Flower with ln2 it’s an instant process. The ln2 is in the -180c range so any contact with it produces a flash frozen product.


Flash frozen flower with ln2 in a Tumbler using liquid injection. You can see how the flower stays together while it tumbles.


no soak is needed, just a small amount is plenty.
You do get some plant material with this method, thats the drawback.

@BG305 @Soxhlet hey guys what do you think about this idea again but in terms of using like a vat of liquid with a ball valve on the end and basically using the LN2 in place of water and ice, and doing like bubble hash style and dunking whole plants fresh harvested? And then like dumping past different size filter microns to catch the heads??

for example the equipment on the left of the picture.

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It might work? I can imagine the plant material getting pulverized in the process, that would make it hard to separate from the tricombs?

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