JWH 210 chronicles

Here we go
I know many off you despise chemically engineered cannabinoids but please remeber there are many places in the world where natural cannabinoids are forbidden and the consequences serious
Example france you loose your drivers license for years caught with cannabinoid THC 9
So for those I am making these products
I am about to make a 100% cannabis derived insence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: With 10% JWH 210
Ingriedient s are
3x ethanol washed kief
3x ethanol washed winterized fats
3% hemp derived trepanes
3% water
10% JWH 210
The first trails this seems to give a
Nice consistent incense :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That smoulders nicely with a good scent
So who else is dooing this
Any tips or tricks ??


Synthetic Cannabinoids are gnarly man, be careful and make sure you are underdosing the product so nobody OD’s on it.


Yes I know but the company I make this for is been selling it for years (2000kg) a year and their product was sad to say the least biomass was sage with Damiana herbs
There binding product was bee s wax and molasses
Seriously I think this off all that’s bad this is the least

An example of the insence they have been selling for years :sob:


Maybe adding 3% cbd issolate gives a smoother product :thinking:


I suppose if I had to choose yours looks better🤔

An epileptic friend found spice increased his seizures intensity duration and frequency years ago when it was all over the place here…


What’s the buzz like with this stuff

Very very similar to thc 9
Only thing most get paranoid sensation when taking to much
Reason I think cbd might be a +


Is D8 not legal either ?

No cbd is barely legal in the EU
And many country’s have analog or precursor law s where most if not all cannabinoids can be handled with

Frkm what I’ve read the jwh compounds caused the least cases of psychosis and always seemed closer to real thc high. In particular I liked 018, 122, and 210 very much. Too bad it’s hard to get in the US anymore :disappointed_relieved:


JWH -210 x cbd shatter
Translucency is still of f Made from isolate


What’s that feel like?

JWH -210 is the closest to D9
Only side effect dry mouth

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You’re a satellite, man. Or an alien. I love that I cant figure out what kind of breakfast you might eat. If you’re immune to spellcheck, that’s a tribute to you.


My spell check gave up a long time ago
6 languages daily over the poor thing


How do you know what you have is JWH 210? Alot of noids get sold as one another these days and JWH is an unlikely candidate to be around because of it’s legality in the countries mass-manufactures are located in. Usually when people try to order JWH they end up getting a THJ or APICA related noid. Be safe and have it lab tested on your own so you can confirm dosages.

These are custom orders from a Dutch rc company there good but you are right a lot off crap around

I would personally disagree with any similarity to THC itself if anything it’s like a hard-intense-hard drug version of THC. Everything THC does but turned up to 100x in a very intense overwhelming way. Euphoria, trippy racing thoughts, paranoia, tunnel vision, generally disoriented, feeling a sense of “impending doom”, the most common side effect to be expected is feeling like your having heart complications. While they feel somewhat cannabis-like they are uniquely different feeling in a way I would not compare to THC. From my experience HU-210 was the closest feeling synthetic noid to THC but never took off because JWH was much cheaper and easier to synthesize. JWH-210 specifically is like 5x stronger than JWH-018 so it was one of the more intense of the classic JWH series but are all generally looked back on as being milder set out of all the noids especially when compared to the newer generation of noids which are batshit crazy feeling. If it was one word to sum it up, it’s “intense”.

I would still have that lab tested independently for yourself, never take anyones word for it, you can send it anonymously to a European testing lab for around $100-$150 I believe checkout - raveitsafe.ch or saferparty.ch

What I mean is that the rc company I do r en d work for gets these custom made for them selves in 200kg batches
They are beeing made on order for them and they resell the product in blends/hasj/concentrates and carts

Before we pay they get ripped apart and tested on every possible tool😉
But thx for advise

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