Is this thca or fats/wax/lipids?

Disregard the color… it was pure white but since I tossed in sink dish soap mixed in.

Ok so I’m curious what this stuff is?

Was open blasting in my 2lb pressurized column… dry ice slurry and all… 10 celcius outside and rainy…
When emptying my tube into the pyrex, I noticed it foaming and frothing up alot. I didnt think anything of it… filled the pyrex(pyrex measure cup) and set on on the warm water to boil down…
While reducing I noticed foam would stick to side walls … and solution looked cloudy… and no signs of foam going away … I figured the dewaxing process may have not worked properly and I had fats waxed lipids and such… or that humidity had occured inside the tube and I had condensate trapped in my product…
My solution in the past to this was to put in deep freezer… 30 min… then everything would settle to the bottom and i would pour the clear liquid off and continue to boil down.

Anyways… after liquid poured off and put back to boil i had what looked like ice on the bottom (which I have had happen before when water/moisture trapped) I sit it aside to melt but it wasnt really melting much… moring after I noticed it turned to a white crystalline powder like in the videos.

What is this? Is this fats and lipids? Or did the thc crash out that fast and I tossed out a bunch ? Really what is this stuff?

Asked in a fb group and was told it’s the thca cold crashing in my extraction tube with the dry ice slurry… but looking for second opinions…

Just to reiterate… weed was buds… trimmed wet and dried for a week and then sealed … total time from chop til processing was about 2 weeks.

Looks like crashed out thca to me

I didn’t know Facebook extraction groups were a thing…


They are filled with people who don’t know how to use the search bar



Yep. Although it might resemble fried pork rinds, you are not looking at fats. That would be thca.

Yes, by discarding the clear liquid, you threw away the good stuff…

You are neither the first or the last one to make that mistake.


Nor how to extract…


What’s this? What’s this?
I made it making hash.

What’s this this? What’s this?
I threw it in the trash…

It’s white and kind of crunchy,
It gets me really high…

It doesn’t taste like terpenes,
And I do not know why…


Ok … dang… would think I tossed at least 100g out… fuck me…

Si this is the “leftovers” from the last tube I emptied out… so this white stuff caked along the walls and right at the bottom that looks kind of like ice… that’s all thca?

With that much tane bubbling, i dont think its thca unless thats been capped, and in the freezer before the video

Not capped… sitting in water outside bubbling away super slowly at about minus 7 Celsius… the water was not warm yet… and about an inch of ice formed around the bottom of the Mason jar

I think that much tane would dissolve the thca if that was thca, but im not completely sure just throwing logical darts in the dark lol


Here are a bunch more videos… as you can see it took me about 20 min but I redissolved all the white stuff in the first jar… and if you look at the new jars from tonight’s batch… you can see white stuff all along the bottom … this is jarred even before boiling down… just let it sit out 20 min in the -7 weather before I start to boil down…

Dab it… for science!


^^^This is the ONLY way^^^


Mix it with water, while thca will dissolve in water, it doesn’t very well. If it all dissolved… sugars?

What did you extract with, I’d have to assume tane, since you referred to a can, but I think they do 70/30 cans… not completely sure :man_shrugging:t2:

Well it doesnt really… that’s why I made this post… I left the “ice” that was lined along the bottom of my pyrex measuring cups on the counter over night to melt… it didnt melt…so I tried to wash it out with soap and water and what you see in my very first post is what didnt want to dissolve in water.

What’s in the jars on the bottom I can get to redissolved if i cap the jar and shake it around a bit… but it will fall out within 30 min again

Cans I’m using dint say whether 70/30 or if n tane or isobutane…colobri and special blue.

I usually use puretane but they are on back order

Last night’s run(the light yellow ones) along with the previous nights run(the leftovers from the tube… came out golden but turned dark dont know why)

December 26, 2020 - YouTube