Is this forum a shit show? Mod Edit: Let's improve it as a community 🤙🏼

A lot of questions keep popping up here on new threads that seem to be redundant. Start using the search bar guys. Very high % chance the answer is already out there in another thread.

  • Yes, the forum is becoming a shit show
  • No, bro go take a dab and chill

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People forget that search bars and google are their friend.


Alotta bit of both. The entire internet is a shitshow.


Forget the search bars?

They neglect to click on a search link when handed one!

We need help with moderation, and wikification.

And maybe less public flogging. Although I could be wrong on that one :wink:


I mean this thread belongs in meta, so it’s technically part of the issue…


Sometimes, on this and other sites, it’s easy to overlook the magnifying glass as opposed to a blank window search option, that says search next to it.


Lol my bad!

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What’s this “search bar” you speak of. I’ve never heard of such a thing


At least the search bar works on this forum…
Albeit when actually used.


There is always the “site:” modifier on your googles if you want to search say ICmag :slight_smile:

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The search bar hasnt worked in 3+yrs at IC


it’s the magnifying glass at the top of the page next to your member icon

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I knew I was pm’ing a bot when they said “I’ve never used a coffeemaker before” but they want to talk about DIY science labs. Ya’ll need to get your catpcha operational or is this site some kind of honeypot for high tech ganja busts? I’m just here for the CBD personally.


I think requiring the first N posts of new users to be approved before having them show up on the site would be a good thing. I understand we’ve got a limited mod team, but open it up to regulars or some other group as well to approve/reject posts in this category. Would probably take the random unverified CBD spam way down. The CBD spam is the main thing that bugs me, you’ll never get rid of the people who refuse to use the damn search bar - I know I’ve been saying “try searching” for probably 20+ years now, and I’m certainly not the only one.


a few years back IC rearchived or fucked up the database and google still has broken links when doing searches.


There are a few of us who flag any and all cbd slingers who are not verified.


I do too when I catch them, but I think it would be good for them to not show up to the general public at all. Sometimes they’re up for the better part of a day before they get flagged/taken down, which is really not ideal.


It’s not perfect, but probably the best forum I’ve ever used as far as the search engine useability and community moderation. Especially for a free forum. The last thing we’d want to do is move to a more centralized control model. The captcha is probably a good feature to add, but as far as new posters being trolls or spam bots, they’re pretty quickly run off by the community now. Hell, you’re even suggested to use the search bar before posting any thread that may have a recognized keyword.


This place really needs a splashpage like shruumery where there is a “Tek Section” with all the BHO Clarification Procedure and all the little things. We could just reply to each repetitive question with a link to that specific Tek. Or do we already have a Technique Section and I havent found it yet?


Anything turns into a shit show. When you have every one jumping on the band wagon. Non authentic ppl that don’t live this thing like “we” do . Only ppl trying to copy cat. you know who the “we” is.