Is this forum a shit show? Mod Edit: Let's improve it as a community 🤙🏼

Honestly I dmed @Future and asked him to add a notice at the top of the site that says “New users are advised to use the search bar” a few months back.



the long tek threads need a summary repost with facts and some structure.
moderation seems to be swift enough to handle things currently.
im sure we could compile a quick faq and solve 99% of these questions in one spot.


I agree. Shit show is too strong of an assessment. I think it should be “is there a possibility of this place becoming a shit show if we don’t change anything.”

The “are you sure your topic isn’t similar to one of these” thing it does on new post creation is one of my favorite parts of this software, but it doesn’t appear to do it on mobile, or at least not on mine.


I mean theres an incredible compilation of info here. given its a bare bones platform with no advertising. In the spirit of the internet, its all here, the secret to a business problem may be lurking within these pages. Invest time into moseyin around all of the sub topics and read extensively.

The secret to life wont be handed to you on a silver platter, you may have to pick it up yourself.


i feel the exact way as @Psilisophical does. The information is really unorganized here. Yes! But the information is all here! Thats the important thing. Literally every aspect you wanna learn is here. If you spend a week here extensively researching your topic. You will know a great deal of it at the end of the week.

Man i remember having to go to the library and looking of stuff in the dewey decimal system…looking at news articles under microfisk. Wow. I get everyone is looking for the shortcut these days!

I cant even begin to explain all that i learned last year.


New users already have a wait period before posting. I have a fat pile of new user posts to approve/deny, I usually ignore those.

I agree the long tek threads need better OP formatting.

I can put a banner up about the search bar, but it will be directly below the search bar… The same person that doesn’t use the search bar will probably ignore the banner.

I’m all ears on a FAQ section.

Lastly, this forum is and always will be free and ad free. If you guys want it to be a better place, step up and make it a better place. Being a leader here is proving to have many real world benefits. Obnoxiously redirect repeat posts to the search bar, and maybe link a couple relevant threads. Shame people for posting without sear hing first


They do have one, its just not free.

At least thats what i thought the GLG was.

If you dont want to pay then get to searchin’ n readin’.


Take a dab and chill out.

This kind of shit is common on most if not all forums with a significant user base.


Data dump?

The GLG forum is underused tbh. My fault, I’m hiring a ceo and a book keeper. Give me more time for the content generation…

Im down to empower the people of this forum to help improve the community. That’s what that word means, right?

We should start with this thread. Let’s develop an action plan based on a list of upgrades.

-We need a creative way to entice the use of the search feature.
-Better individual category description threads, to include hot links to the most recommended subthreads, and act as permanent pin within said category
-FAQ category, with a select few crucial posts, including category description threads, and a mandatory reading time there before being able to post the first time? @sidco

What else?


@sidco that a feature we can play with?


Potentially leading questions before they post

What is your post about? List things. Distillate, hemp, extraction, diamonds, crc, cart diluent, etc etc. And possibly give them a link to that search topic and maybe they’ll find their topic before posting something that’s been posted multiple times over.

That might settle down the riff raff

Saracsm font?

Headers at the top of popular threads. Like otsst and crc. To add list of what to do and who to contact t, o help out people with finding their desired info easier (crc thread is over 3k comments), and cut down on repetitive questions


Agreed, build us a header template.

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Here’s the FAQ category. It’s only open to mods, admins, and level 4 users posting, open replies. I closed the intro post to maintain control of the first couple reply spaces.

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We need to put together a comprehensive list of FAQ and implement a search engine modifier so people can search all the individual FAQ pages and keep the search separate from the rest of the site. That would make it easier for new people to find what they want without having to sift through all the casual conversation.

I think we need to close the loophole if someone edits a flagged post it becomes un-flagged.

I think the place need to nominate a few more leaders to edit stuff that needs be edited.


I agree


I bumped editing privileges up to level 2.


Also, you now have to be level 1 member to post without mod approval.

The FAQ needs to clearly relay the way the system rewards member level advancements