Inline 0.5micron Sintered Filter

Hey all,

I have been using the pictured filter on my pour spout with some fantastic results. These things are like 160 bucks from swagelok and bring your final particle size to <0.5 micron.

Thought I’d share since I haven’t seen one mentioned around here (although I’m sure it has been)



Those are awsome

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@TheGratefulPhil would the be used pre injection? Solvent coming out of tank goes through this first?

Those are great, but a pain when clogged. You have it clog up yet?

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@TheGratefulPhil you are THE MAN! great find!!

It could definitely be used that way. I’m thinking of putting one there as well.

Currently, this one is sitting on the product outlet. I’ve been doing a lot of live runs so it’s been working well.

@Soxhlet not quite yet, but I’m gonna toss it in the ultrasonic after a few more runs. I also bought replacement sintered discs.

@Griffin.Labs thanks dude!


Part number please?

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SS-4F-05 (1/4”)
SS-6F-05 (3/8”)


Been having issues with pour spout causing nucleation on one of our units. We do a pour off with our other unit and very very rarely see sugaring but as soon as it goes through our pour spout issues begin to arise. I fully clean the pour spout and blast 60psi nitro through after to ensure there is no debris causing the problem. Do you think this could help solve that issue?

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do you clean you valve/ spout each and every time? Seed crystals like to hang out in there.


We clean the portion of the valve thats not under pressure or in contact with solute as well as the spout that attaches to the swage valve every single run. We also clean hemis, lines, collection pot, valve and spout at end of each day and still see sugar on the first run sometimes. Material is binned out and air dried with fan for 48hrs before being packed. I feel like i’ve been through every variable possible and still cant figure it out. Read and commented on several threads about this and thats the main variable thats different. Any help or ideas are accepted and greatly appreciated.

how much pressure does the pot have when you are pouring slabs?

your seeds are trapped IN your valves
gotta clean beneath your balls






Thanks for the replys guys! We pour off with less then 1psi and make sure to pull heat early so we don’t over heat or over boil prior to pour. Oven temps are anywhere from 88f-92f for first pull. I don’t think its the ovens cause we use the same tech for both units and one produces sugar and the other doesn’t. At end of every night we put 4lb’s of solvent in both columns ramp pressure to 85psi using heated jackets and blasting through to clean lines and valves. Pour spout valve gets full detailed cleaning by hand using 200 proof ethanol then heated and pressure blasted to make sure its free of any debris. I don’t fully disassemble the valve but visually it appears to be fully cleaned.

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Sweet find there! Wouldn’t be hard to just t off above the valve in case of a clog. Yeah, I like it a LOT

Your pour procedure seems solid, what are you pouring onto if I may ask?
Has this been through a C.R.C of sorts?
My money would be on particulate matter triggering nuculation, adding more filtration like the inline @TheGratefulPhil linked may worth be trying. The other possibilitys could be the terpene content of the resin/oven temp. If the resin is especially terpy it can sugar due to the terpenes acting like a solvent, in a super saturated state the more time you stay there the more chances you have of forming a crystal. The name of the game with shatter is to rip anything volatile off the resin and lock it in a plastic state. What is your material like?


Could this be used under vacuum for inline filtering of ethanol extract? Any idea of max flow rate? Thanks.

We typically run trim that is properly dried and stored when it comes in. We dry out the material even further in bins to ensure we have the least amount of moisture possible. It is definitely not overly terpy and slabs are very easy to manage by hand on first flip and continue to get easier after each day of purging. When we pour off the slabs are immediately taken to the oven and we let them sit for about 20-45min until they hit desired temperature. By locking in a plastic state do you mean let the slab stay in a muffin and crash naturally overnight ? We typically pull to full vac and let muffin crash out so oil can rest on heated shelf.