Infusing the Chesapeake Bay blue crab

I am going to try to do my first infusion of the blue crab tomorrow! I have tons of magic butter made and plan to decarb some fresh flower and chop that up I to the seasoning that I apply to the shell. Some like to take the shell off to do this . I will apply the same concept when I learn how to make my own RSO . I imagine I would get good results with a food syringe injections of cannabutter for now . I will poke a hole in the backfin area of the crab to inject the butter ,as not to break the membrane In the chest cavity if I can avoid it but stuff happens. Once the butter injection and a brushing of the chest cavity exterior with the decarbed seasoning ,one final step. I’ll take some butchers twine to firmly secure the shell back on the seasoned cavity . One more brushing of the decarbed flower seasoning. That’s the :crab: crab prep sop . Now I’m looking for a CBD beer or something of that nature to put at the bottom of the steam pot . Along with a half cup of vinegar. I’d wait till it starts steaming then place crabs on the grate and close lid. Steam like normal for 25-30 min depends on amount of crabs ect. Am I missing anything before the big day. I don’t think I’ll get and overnight RSO made I’m a perfectionist or try to be and I have not even looked into RSO outside of watching a video of two. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome . I am in Baltimore Maryland if anyone was wondering and if your a glg member free crabs for you. Dream big men and have a great day!


Sounds like a lot of fun but not necessarily the best use of the good stuff.

Have you thought about using some of the infused butter to toss the crab in after it’s steamed? Make like and old bay infused butter and then once the crab is cooked, drain extremely well and toss with the butter.

Also an infused dipping sauce with make sure the good stuff is being consumed vs left in a pot (or mixing bowls)


Infuse the butter, not the crab.

This is like dejavu 100%. This was brought up 6 months ago



I have infused the butter demonrich . And I do have the old Bay type dipping sauce made up I’m more or less trying to make sure the crab meat itself gets infused . My first thought is what if the crab meat itself doesn’t have fat? I’ve heard ppl say don’t use sunflower oil lethecin as a emulsifier because the THC bonds to the butter naturally . So in some recipes the letichin is used to help bond when there is not a lot of fat present. The only information I’ve seen on fat content of North Atlantic blue crab it’s very low in saturated fat .

Ok it’s a gram and a half of fat per three oz of crabmeat . That is the average large crab size picked. I don’t know enough about RSO and won’t be using it this time . My question ,that demonrich must not have seen, was butter vs RSO? I can inject both . I imagine butter would taste better but if I inject rso in the crab before steaming or right when it comes off and allow 5 min or so for it to bond. Technically the rso would give a stronger affect . That is what I’m going for but I will post pictures and data for the ones interested. Not posting for ppl to make stupid remarks like last time and basically be a troll for no reason. If your not here to help why try to belittle the next man and throw shade. You seem to always do that bro. You need a hug? This wasn’t up for five min n u jump on here with negative energy . You must literally just stare at this feed all day just looking for someone to meds with or poke holes through their input or theories. Smh spread love not hate bro . I digressed but I’m here for help with a experiment. I am not experienced in RSO . I don’t know it all I humbly asked the group for advice or rso. Smh

Thanks for the comment buddy! I have and I have a few flavor dipping sauces so far can’t wait to try it out . Just not sure if I should go the extra mile with the rso.

pics and or videos please! this is content :100:

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If you really want to try the RSO then I would try and infuse after cooking. Either in the butter or injected like you said. Toss it all together and let it cool down together. Flavors tend to meld as things cool and you’ll run a better chance of keeping the RSO where you want it.

If you inject the crab ahead of time, the heat will likely push all the dissolved oil and alcohol into your cooking medium with very little left in the crab.

A spicy vinaigrette made with your RSO to toss on the crab as it cools would be tits. Good luck take pics and let us know how it goes!


Tomorrow is the official steam off there will be pics videos t-shirt s the whole 9 yards I wanna find the guy who was in Annapolis who said he would come make mixed drinks :joy:


Butter injected will be much better than straight RSO. Also use lecithin with butter for better results.

edit: I think the injection should be for show more than the accurate dosing. I would keep the injections low just to be able to pitch that gimmick then offer the butter dip cups in 50mg increments so a person can accurately dose.

I like the idea of CBD beer maybe just use regular beer and put in some CBD isolate


I would season with non decarbed flower for flavor not for potency


This is trouble. Food Coma X THC X Unlimited Crab.


Yeah this time no RSO but we’re gonna have a blast either way and we’re doing a canned food drive pillows blankets hygiene products to help addicts new in treatment . That is what the crab fest is all about I refuse to take a dollar but I accept soap n pillows


If it’s an event for addicts maybe leave out the injection part :syringe: lol


Straight rso in the crab meat? I’m all for ingenuity, but rso’s gonna make that taste like shit


Non decarbed flower though, now you’re onto something. Terpenes used to flavor it.


He should just add a seasoning of the dimethyltryptamine salt of THCa…


Lemon butter with no lemondownload%20(1)


I’m a pnw native… time to go crabbing, my mouths watering over here…

Speaking Greek over here… lol, I had to google search that word. I know what dmt is, but it’s early and I’m in bed still.