In-Line Fats/Lipids/Waxes Remediation



i have found that running cold removes the need for dewax when also doing the crc. My setup is as follows:
solvent tank at room temp -> coil submerged in dry ice acetone slurry -> extraction vessel with dry ice in sleeve -> crc -> collection
nitro assist between 20-40 psi after filling up the extraction vessel. the nitro does nothing to your temp, it seems like some people think nitrogen gas will drop the temp of your extraction. it won’t. it does, however, help your flow rate. i would not be able to do the crc like i do it without nitro assist.


Why don’t u just set ur tank in the slurry and bump tank drop coil,u could leave it in there…


You will get alot colder that way


Amen…the coil doesn’t give it enough time


Multiple coils will but you would need at least 2 depending on there hieght. I have 3 before my tane bottle and that is in acetone slurry also. Im abit of overkill though


All that coolers,coils,lines, extra alcohol and DI…

Wouldn’t the one take the need out… Just bury that bitch in slurry ,DI covered the lid …once it’s at temp the nitro will push it quick?

I’m just asking?

Bc u gotta wait to get alcohol cold regardless the set up?


Yes lots extra acetone, its a drop down temp. Befor i went to 3/8. I was using 2 large 1/4 coils. First bath was -85f, second was-95f and tane bottle was-105f. I couldn’t get 1 coil to my desired temp


That setup is limited in scale. You could, however, circulate -80°C around your solvent tank until you’re down to temp then push, but the amount of heat loss in that is not worth it. One simple 4"x36" coil fully sumberged in slurry will do the same this without having to circulate -80°C liquid around a 100 lb solvent tank.


That’s the answer I was looking for


Agreed, the coil hieght is sufficient to get to that temp


what are y’all doing to cool your extraction vessels? dry ice in a sleeve or circulating liquid?


The material columns are prepack and put on dry ice overnight


I just got another 50’ coil, through one 50’ coil I was able to get the line to -40 to -45 with no chilling of solvent.

With the second coil i’m hoping I can get to -50 / -60. I read Otscc’s SOP as well @StoneD it’ll probably be worth some testing to see if I can get cold enough to not need a dewax at all


If you submerge ine acetone dry ice slurry you should be able to get very cold


Exactly what we just did, 2 coils both in acetone dry ice slurry. Second bucket didn’t react at all so id imagine it is getting down to -78 ish - can’t measure since our temp gun only goes to -50


Going through about 2-300# of ice a day lol.

Haven’t even began looking into chillers to circulate what I would need


Me too, but thats only once maybe twice a week though


What soxhlet and others was explaining is yes ur slurry gets that cold and coil… But fuel time is spent in there minimally not long enough contact, I’m no tech but I kinda get the point…
But like others pointed out, not everyone runs a6,8,10" pot …6 for me but anything bigger probably way to hard to lift and cool enough takes to long… And jacket tank ,plumbing equals $$$😱

I see the multiple coils method without doubt point blank, more contact time… But one idk, I just don’t add the bump till I see the gauge pinned

And I always ran into pooling issues with coils but before didn’t have nitro, was hard to move that last bit without


Word. I keep a 1/4 line from material to coils to tank to restrict flow as much as I can and use nitro to push everything out.

I fucking hated all of this before nitro came along lmao


Im active utilizing the pump as a push and pull at the same time.