In-Line Fats/Lipids/Waxes Remediation



What pump do you use?




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Im sure there is a beter way. Im constantly changing stuff and trying other things. I cant afford the stuff i want so i make do. A settle on that settle is what i get


What do you want?


U gotta try passive, I just recovered 32 lbs in 40 minutes lol.

After seeing the other guys do it here and starting last week passive I can’t believe I fucked around with fucking pumpS for 3 years


Unlimited money, time and flower


Oh lordy lordy wouldn’t that be the dream :heart_eyes:


To help understand the concept of a baffle:
If anyone was ever worked in a kitchen, you might remember these over your vent hood:

This is a simple kitchen hood baffle.

“How baffle filters work. Battle filters as with all filters work by separating grease from cooking vapors. As grease-laden air is sucked through the filter, it is forced to quickly and repeatedly change direction. The grease particles can not move as fast as the air carrying them.” -google

I’ve seen something like this implemented as a cold trap that does not require cooling. I imagine if this was very cold, the fats would stick to it.


Funny enough @710enigmatic design for his in-line is what I thought of several months ago. Unfortunately I was never able to get it made. Another idea I had for the design is to have slanted cuts on the alternating plates to give more surface area for the wax to stick too.

Here is a horrible picture of my original design :joy_cat:.


I think the slants will work better rn I’m not liking running with this. I don’t think it it pulling much lipids I’m going to break it open Tom and see and I’ll post pics to report back


Try possibly adding a clay to possibly help with the coagulation. I think the solvent hitting the plates with a powder clay or degumming enzyme/clay will agitate it enough to hopefully cause a reaction


There’s that design, now it makes sense :blush: :wink:


Look forward to it!


Hehe yes sir i ended showing killa the design and talking to him about it, since then i haven’t really revisited it as I’ve been busy getting other things put together. Kinda neat seeing someone else coming up with a similar design


How’d it end up working out?


Haven’t opened it yet been super busy running. I’m running two meps rn both with dewaxing baffle tek. prob 200# or so ran thru each so far. One is chilled to -65c and the other at -40c so will be cool to see comparison. I plan to open it forsure Tom for our weekly cleaning schedule. I’ll take pics of both for a comparison. The weird thing is that on these baffle tek tubes ets has em set up with preferated gaskets and not micron gaskets for filtration. I also cleaned some oil that was ran thru these with etoh and definetlystill had a lot of lipids. I know u can’t get all of em out cause butane-propane are non polar but still seemed like a lot more than should be. I’m using a 50/50 mix rn tank/pain


Any updates on this?


@krative, I don’t every go more than 4:1 and I haven’t noticed any difference in yield stability or product quality going higher.


Are you soaking and what temps.

I found warner temps, the longer it takes to take the tane to pass out tge material the less tane you need to pull everything