In-Line Fats/Lipids/Waxes Remediation



So we have basically perfected the color remediation column using adsorbants. This does not touch fats, waxes, and lipids though. Inline dewax in separate jacketed column works but also drops out large amounts of THC-a. Let’s discuss other ways of removing fats, waxes, and lipids inline. Adsorbents? Co-solvents? @Killa12345 @Dred_pirate @Shadownaught @Waxplug1 @BG305 @Intergalactic @sonicgardens let’s get this figured out. At temps that kept the fats liquid the crystals basically formed themselves, but as soon as it cools down the fats around the crystals and the terps harden making it all cloudy, thick, and not looking like crystals. If we remove the fats, our crystals will straight up be growing themselves.


Pre chill your gas with no soak?


At the temps that won’t dissolve fats you are also going to be loosing yield unless you use monstrous amounts of solvents


I am considering something like C18 gel or XAD-4 resin but both are far too expensive fir this purpose and I fear would not be effective given our monopolise solvent system


Why not take your THCa cake and winterize it?

People have been having success crystallizing in EtOH, seems feasible.


I really like that idea as a fallback plan. But wouldn’t it be fun to be able to throw some cheap bulk adsorbent in there to remove all the way bits?


I’m looking into floculants and coagulants, so far I’m coming up with aluminum sulphate…gotta keep digging…


Check out size exclusion chromatography


Ill get some of my last tested to see where im at.


Multi stage your dewax to prevent as much thca binding with plant fats and inactive compounds.


Turn it into distillate…also i wanna know if we can remove all the terps cause i can still smell them on the material when i open the column…and on the adsorbents…maybe use adsorbents to pick em up and vac em off that?


In line dewaxing column with baffle inside the tube like ets’ machines won’t get em all out but would prob do a very good job without all the waiting


Yall guys amaze me!


At it again!!!


Please elaborate. Baffle??? I sure am baffled…


Who is ets?


Extraction Tech Solutions


Well that seems to be you! Care to explain what your baffle does?



a device used to restrain the flow of a fluid, gas, or loose material or to prevent the spreading of sound or light in a particular direction.

Btw, not my baffle or my company. I’m gonna be running one in a few months so I’ve done a fair bit of research.


Ah got it, I guess I just assumed due to your similar username


So it out like a super tiny-pore plate? Does it cause the solvent to undergo adiabatic expansion?