In-Line Fats/Lipids/Waxes Remediation



That would be great, ln2 maybe? With a pressure relief valve?


I use stainless steel ball bearings in my dewax column


Should work good, and would be a good time to make use of a stainless steel tubular filter because the pressure created from using ln2 or dry ice would probably pop any paper filter.

If you just had a spool packed tight with stainless steel scrubbies and chilled the scrubbies with ln2 i have no doubt that the waxes would stick to the scrubbies on their way down the spool.


I think I’m going to place the baffles at the bottom of the Dewax sleeve. I’m still going to try to run cold to limit the wax in the first place. I’m thinking jacketed column to a filter plate with 24um fast filter to a jacketed Dewax column with 3 filter plate baffles then through a 15um medium filter then the crc tech with a 2um slow filter to the collection pot.


No stall in dewax vessel?


Someone should try my theory in combination with some steel wool scrubbies


Duda diesel has a DudaLite resin that they claim is “like AmberLite” and is a bit cheaper… if only using resins/sorbents, it seems we’d be doing an inline unit operation similar to SPE (solid phase extraction). I think it would be a miracle to dewax completely using this, but its still very useful to iron out (i still believe n miracles)… Maybe the answer is in a hybrid technique using flow thru adsorption and a cooling column operating multi-stage or re-cycle with flo-thru adsorbent b/t each cooling column. …Maybe an adiabatically cooled column like they’ve dewaxd asphalt with since the 30s… we can also decompress LPG/extract into columns filled with other solvents, like they desalinate sea water with C4/C3…


There are many different kinds of amberlite, and “like amberlite” can be taken to mean quite a few things.


XAD-7 and XAD-4 are two forms I am pursuing for pesticide remediation.


I think @Shadownaught said Carbon Chemistry is going to be stocking ion exchange resin soon. Ive got a sample but need to buy a chromatography column to make good use of it.

Also is the “remove fats” bit dealing with dilute alcohol procedure or has AA been shown to be effective at fat removal with alkanes too?


So I couldn’t find pictures of the ets baffle dewaxer. I’m running an ets mep rn we’re getting the dewaxer for it in a few weeks I’ll take pictures of it then. Your going to need you filterstacks to be cold so idk how your going to be able to jacket them…But how bout using helium gas? Use it at a high pressure to precipitate the fats faster? In a separate Dewan chamber of course. Just thinking out loud here


yea the realm of ion exchange gets deep, and most of it isnt cheap LOL. we would be lucky if the Duda “Like amerblite” works well here.


You mean use helium as a refrigerant?


Do you have a source for it?


They come with quite a lot water.


What are we seeing here?


Ion exchange resin from Carbon Chemistry @Krative


There are Shittons of ion exchange medias!


Right but the type wasn’t specified to me, it was just sent as a sample.


Lol, I only deal with shit I can read extensively about.