In-Line Fats/Lipids/Waxes Remediation



Lol DOW produces the resin carbon chem has, so there certainly will be plenty to read about. What i was trying to say was I never asked shadownaught what exact resin it is that he sent me.

If you got that info from shadownaught then you can read extensively on it.


True. In exchange won’t help much with fat removal though.


I dont think ion exchange resin is gonna do much of anything for fat removal either. Ive been looking at size exclusion gels but they cost so much it doesnt look like its a viable option for high volume production.


We either need some adiabatic process, baffled column, dewax vessel, or cheap bulk adsorbant.


LLE could be useful as well here


LLE is not useful industrially unfortunately, but adsorbants function on the same premise.


Would the degumming enzyme or the degumming clay from carbon chemistry help? Im not versed in organic chemistry so I have no clue. I just saw this and thought i would post.


I would be very interested in seeing that do something, but unfortunately I believe enzymes require H2O to function properly


why not use a modified clay?


No use it as a gas to precipitate lipids via pressure.




You too


I guess I’m not sure what advantage the pressure does for us, Lussac’s law says that if a given amount of gas is kept at a constant volume, pressure is directly proportional to its temperature. pressure goes up, temperature goes up right? I thought the whole point of the baffles was to provide supercooling due to phase change of the liquid butane after colliding with the baffles? What am I missing?


My idea was to pressurize, push through a cooling coil, then allow it to adiabaticly expand through a needle valve over some baffles where the lipids fall out, then leading to a filter


I see what your saying, my setup is inline not rack mounted, and passive so I’ve gotta figure out a different route.


I’m currently having legs welded on my vessels for the same reason, just to tall and too fat. I’m working with 12"x12" extraction vessel


Not missing anything just two different ideas the pressure thing was just me thinking out loud like a diamond miner but for lipids in the hydrocarbon solution


Unfortunately it’s not the pressure that makes them crash out, it’s the already saturated solution slowly loosing solvent while pressure slows that down to yield bigger nicer crystals. We don’t want to slowly crash out our lipids over the course of 3 weeks, yknow?


The ets dewax baffles for quick direct feed inline dewaxing. Used em once will post pictures of the lipid buildup on em when they are starting to cake up


That is remarkably similar to what I was thinking, like the inside of a muffler… is there an iced dewaxing tank to stall in after the baffles or is the wax collection filter at the bottom of the baffles?