If you had to build a low budget lab to produce distillate, what equipment would you use?

With the low cost of processing licenses in certain states and the rising cost of distillate:
What type of lab would you buildout to get the most liters/dollars invested?

Used obviously when possible

ehtanol or hydrocarbon?

filtration & decarb?

wiper or spd?

or just DCM @Roguelab seperation into thca then decarb diamonds?


Does the lab already have some equipment at hand ?

I am interested in the answer for this question. I have nothing related to extraction other than hash making equipment.

Hydrocarbon on a fuge
Then. Separation tech
Or keep the issolate thc-a
Or decarb under inert atmosphere
Total cost of equipment second hand les than 30 K
Volume per day finished product 20 liters


from ground zero… with the goal of the lowest of low over head, maintenance, start up cost and upkeep…

i would simply get;
5 gallon buckets
a deep freeze unit
a few extraction bags or socks…
some ethanol, methanol, filter paper… some nice buch funnels with a vac pump.
a magnetic hot plate stirrer ( recover ethanol outside or in a fume hood )
i would buy a cheap SPD unit and give my winterized crude a couple passes.
test for potency and if needed i would buy some sep funnels and LLE until my disty was noice.

use profits from a few runs to buy a rotovap and upgrade other equipment or tools. rinse wash repeat until you have earned enough to buy what you want … not bare minimum needs


Hydrocarbon on a fuge?


I have found the fastest way is to move material through the crude process is closed loop. Small roto, and filtration setup works great. I can save more solvent, lower my costs and be able to cycle through each day with minimum effort required. Instead of doing back to back stressed out processes or time constraints during one of my processes.

When it comes to short path or wiper I think it’s become painfully obvious that depending on how much product you have or how far you Wana take it on clarity or potency really depends on what you want to spend. Wipers require a lot more money and for the money spent it relates directly to speeds or quality. Small wipers are expensive but get their ass kicked by short paths on a daily basis both with potency and clarity. If I needed to take down a few totes or drums of crude I would work for a investment to a wiper. My product quality might be less but volume makes up for it. However those are like hundreds of thousands of dollars and can’t even do small batches.

You get what you pay for. I’ve spend all day or longer on batches I can now get done in 2-4 hours with my new setup. When I was trying to skimp on short path supplies it immediately related to spending more time in lab and time is money.



thanks “Connor”


Petroleum ether 40-60 on a lanphan
Scary but it works


One day I’ll get to play with the @Loxley system and go direct to distillate from trim/bud…Not exactly “low budget” but it’s super efficient compared to solvent routes so over time it’ll pay for itself with less equipment needed as well as labor and solvent recovery time improvements. It only makes distillate and a terpene hydrosol, so if that’s all you want it would be my choice.

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I’m not in the biz but I read a lot

The old format before vapegate was

Get a giant BHO system, like a bhogart bfe.

Then after you made a sufficient ROI, invest in an entire ethanol lab that makes disty and make carts and edibles.

Now I would just suggest a large BHO system grow diamonds and then make disty from diamonds.

again not in the biz


Why don’t you just hire someone, tell them your budget and get an itemized list of equipment that’s customized for you?


Just getting feedback for a hypothetical thought in my head. Not a real world scenario

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Because he thinks he can get all the answers free on future4200 and pocket that money himself. I’m sure he will be looking for a hypothetical job again next year doing the same hustle.


Because this is the home of the smartest and most generous cannabis processors on the planet. The breadth and depth of the knowledge represented here is not paralleled more concisely or more accessibly anywhere else.



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Distillate is so cheap these days. Better off buying bulk, investing in tasty cdt’s and only buy 1-2ml carts. Doubt we pay more than $2 gram now in CO, atleast, and no one really buys 500mg carts anymore.

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It’s really hard to find clean d9 for the price you can make it at with the price of trim almost nothing.

I really think the best of both worlds is renting lab space designed for distillate while the lab is not operating if you can find one. I know several processors that rent time in other peoples labs.


You need to hit the market again, distillate prices are soaring, even for conversions


So i was off. The lowest we found for 90+% was 2.50 but avg been 3.50 per gram. Our cbd distillates was the super cheap one. .75 a gram. Still fairly cheaper than running the machine. We have spd thats just sitting around in our lab.