I need the real sour diesel?

I need that real funk from early 2000’s. Someone point me in the right direction???


It probably has hlvd just like a lot of those old clones like Chem. That’s why you don’t see it anymore.


If the viroid transmission through seeds is minimal, and those seeds that are positive will show immediately as runts, I don’t see why a female hplv+ cut couldn’t be selfed and the viroid removed that way, by selecting again from the seeds. Maybe I am missing something…

because, as a “cut”, you’re looking at a single “individual” that is almost certainly heterozygous at dozens of loci, you can’t just “self” and get it back.


maybe follow up with @Ralf or some of the other folks over here?


Some cuts can’t be selfed because they won’t make or even accept viable pollen, sure. But every strain that has ever been made into feminized seeds has been selfed. If you make enough seeds, I don’t see why the original won’t be in there somewhere.


that is the key…

how big your search space is depends on how the original cut was generated. crossing F1’s by F1’s has been pretty standard cannabis “genetics” for quite some time.

if you’ve only got 10 of the possible ~25,000 loci which are heterozygous, you’ve got a ~1:1000 chance of hitting. if it’s 20 loci, then you’re at 1:1,000,000

if 1% of those 25,000 loci are heterozygous in the cut you’re hoping to self and get back, you’ve got one shot in 1.8 x 1078

De novo assembly of plant genomes remains challenging and the cannabis genome is no exception (Schatz et al., 2012). The cannabis genome is highly heterozygous (estimated at 12.5–40.5%) and contains large amounts of repetitive elements (estimated at 70%) (Van Bakel et al., 2011; Pisupati et al., 2018; Gao et al., 2020; Kovalchuk et al., 2020). Several attempts have been made to assemble this complex genome, as illustrated by publicly available genome and transcriptome assemblies of varying sizes and completeness for 12 different cannabis cultivars (Table 1a,b). Initial efforts relied upon the use of short-read sequencing technology, but these proved computationally challenging. Application of third-generation long-read sequencing technologies such as Single-Molecule Real-Time (SMRT) sequencing (PacBio) and MinION (Oxford Nanopore Technologies) have greatly improved the contiguity of cannabis reference sequences, as has the anchoring of scaffolds using genetic linkage maps coupled with Hi-C data (Grassa et al., 2018; Laverty et al., 2019; Gao et al., 2020; McKernan et al., 2020). This has resulted in the creation of four chromosome-level assemblies for Purple Kush (PK; drug-type), Finola (FN; hemp), JL (wild accession) and CBDRx (cs10; high-CBD) (Grassa et al., 2018; Laverty et al., 2019; Gao et al., 2020). The cs10 assembly is the most complete and contiguous chromosome-level assembly, comprising 25 302 protein-coding genes



Thanks for the reply.

I have only had the chance to make crosses and grow out fields of them with hemp. Selfing made fairly uniform replication of the original variety. There were some runts, but it seems like that is always the case. F1 feminized crosses made multiple phenotypes, but even with the most variance, what I found was the same phenos repeating, and never one extremely different and supreme plant in the field…you know that magical pheno that is in the marketing hype of every seed company.

That’s just my limited and anecdotal experience, fwiw.


deliberately inbred hemp vs “elite” cannabis genetics. the hemp has been bred by folks who actually understand genetics, and were aiming at selling uniform seed. unlike the pollen chuckers who style themselves as “cannabis breeders”.


Pop a few packs of sour power og from karma genetics. You’ll probably get something close or at least some fire.


When selfing seeds, it tends to look like the parents or grandparents more than the original plant i.e. Gorilla Glue S1’s tend to have a chocolate, sour and chem influenced type phenos.


Depends on how homozygous the selfed plant is. I’ve selfed plants whose offspring look like clones, but not the usual case with today’s poly hybrids


I tested ecsd chaco aj sour
best sour Tested the clone riri the High is amazingimage


where can one get a hold of seeds?

The Boston Clone Company occasionally has clones of AJ’s cut (via Mass Medical) for sale. Not on their current menu though.

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Pretty sure the riri cut is from rez dogs ibl line which is the sour I think everyone is referring too from the early 2000s that looks l exactly like it too


Yes @Nugbutabi Rez ibl 2007-2008


How much for a cut?

I need a cut of this?

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not to sell

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