I make terrible distillate....why?



Im actually just running the hot air through the condenser. At the begginning i use it to heat at the end i use it to cool


Ok but risk of running to hot ?
All go s to the cold trap. ?
Does iT work is basicly the question the kid is running out of time and resourses so fuck ups are a No go



Heating up condensor to what temp ?
Looks Sharp thou


This is deffinatly a trick of the trade


Please search the tread
Tricks of the trade place the pic and explain components this is Cool :grinning:


This is so fucking ghettoly awesome. I can’t even begin to say how cool this is. Way to go @fresh.botanicals. You made the awesome post of the day for sure with that one! :clap::clap::clap:


Depends on the material like always. I mostly use visual and tactile cues. So if you are losing main body past drop off turn it down if you arent getting any separation turn it up. Also the thermoprobe helps but doesnt give a true temp.


Listen place iT in tricks of the trade If i do iT You don t get the credits and this is awesome


Well i put iT to the test on a empty condensor this heatgun teck is seriuosly worth trying forget all My Posts this is way to go in My opinion


This post got my nipples hard. I’m about 2 seconds away from ordering some China glass


Alright, I picked up a cheap video camera, and I’m going to do the distillation today. In all likelihood I won’t be able to make use of some of the methods mentioned here.

But I’ll be posting short videos as I go along the process so there should be plenty of time for people to give me input.
I’m not sure If I’ll be posting them directly here or to my youtube channel in pieces… I may just upload the entire thing to my channel when it’s all done.


well if you give us some data while its happening…and maybe some pictures or 10-15 sec clips…some of the people hear can chime in and help you succeed.


thats what im about to do right now. I’ll keep posting vids as I go.


Tuning in. good luck brother


its just gonna take me a few mins to figure out this new camera and the best way to upload quickly.


uploading the very start to my channel now. I’ll post the links here as I go.
I think I’m going to have to find a different format though because these Sony files, even though small, are taking forever to upload.




As @Soxhlet suggests. Get that chiller heater up to 80c.