I make terrible distillate....why?



Get a hose clamp on there too, so the hose wont pop off.


Sounds like vacuum issue… what ultimate micron or Torr do u achieve?


I cant get my chiller to 80…the hoses only handle 60.
So I should be starting at 60? see I was told before I should be starting low to condense things out, then ramp up the condensor temp.


Listen to thcwiki @Soxhlet. If he says 80c and 60c is as high as it goes. Then go to 60c.

I thought the same thing after watching your videos. He corrected me real fast. It certainly helped me with the clogging of my head which you have problems with as well. Get that heat gun ready as well



If those are silicone hoses. They should be able to be brought to 220f. Which is higher than 60c if your heater goes higher. Don’t know what transfer fluid your using.


They aren’t silicone, they say right on them the max temp is 60C
. I’m using dynalene HC50


some youtuber says im bypassing my condenser?!


This is what @Soxhlet told me. My material was 3 years old and I got a gold distillate. He’s more knowledgeable than 99% of the people I’ve come across


By running hot, your volitiles should overshoot the condenser. Run your heated circulator as hot as you can with reguards to your hoses/fluid.
If you get condenser clogging issues you can use a heat lamp to get things moving.



keep increasing your mantle temps by 15 degree increments till you get to 140c mantle temp, then work your way up in 5c increments.


should i be letting it dwell at any temp during the ramp up? and what temp should I stop at?


when your mantle reaches the next setpoint give it 5 min or so to settle in, then bring it up. Do you have volitiles Refluxing yet, whats your head temp, and mantle temp?


1500 microns seem high


The vacuum should improve once the volitiles are stripped.


fucking diaster… dealing with this now


That’s the exact same shit that happened to me. I learned to be on that vacuum vent threw the first 140c.

Clean it all up and start over like i did. You can see the same exact mistake


im cleaning up as much as I can, I dont have the time to be able to start over totally but I was already going to 2nd pass this stuff anyway, so I guess I kind of have to now.


Shoot! bumpin! Get it all back to the boiling flask and put some fresh flasks on the cow. Dont be discouraged, it happens from time to time. Keep glued to that still while your running, do you have any isolation valves?